GA-06: Our First Chance to Swing a House Seat

You need to know about what’s happening in Georgia right now.

We have an immediate opportunity to flip our first House seat. A special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has been set to replace Republican Tom Price, who joined the Trump administration and is now spearheading its disastrous plan to destroy Obamacare.

The election is scheduled for April 18, with a potential runoff on June 20.

The online voter registration deadline to participate in this special election is this Monday, March 20.

Help spread the word with your friends who live in or near this Georgia district.

Two things you can do RIGHT NOW:

  1. If you’re on a desktop, find your Facebook friends who live in Georgia and send them a note like this:
  • There’s a special election in your backyard on April 18th. Democrats have a real shot to flip Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and send a message to Trump and the GOP. The voter registration deadline is this Monday, March 20th. Anyone in the district can register to vote or check your status ONLINE. You can get more information here: And please spread the word! #FlipThe6th.
  • Note to mobile users: Search for “friends in Georgia” in the Facebook app.

2. Sign up for Team GA-06 to receive updates and ways you can help flip this House seat.

We’ll admit it: This is an experiment. We’re trying something new to see how Swing Left supporters, no matter where they live, can best make an impact on a winnable special election like this. It’ll go a long way to helping shape our strategy in the months to come.

By Monday, we want to make sure everyone in Georgia’s 6th (GA-06) is aware of the voter registration deadline and knows they can register online.

Please forward this post. Let’s get to work on flipping this seat!

More soon,

Sally Harrell and Margaret Mullins with Team GA-06, and the rest of the Swing Left Team.

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