The resistance has raised over $2 million for Democratic challengers to Republicans who voted for Trumpcare

Yesterday, we asked for your help raising funds to support the eventual Democratic opponents of every Swing District Republican who voted for Trumpcare.

The response was overwhelming — and we’re just getting started. If you haven’t donated yet, you can contribute here.

Together with our friends at Daily Kos and ActBlue, we are thrilled to announce a staggering 45,000 grassroots donations to the tune of more than $2 million raised for the eventual Democratic challengers to House Republicans who voted to repeal health care — in just one day.

With support from the Pod Save America and Crooked Media teams, Swing Left has raised more than $900,000 from nearly 20,000 donations for our fund to fight the 35 Republican representatives from targeted Swing Districts who cast critical YES votes on the AHCA legislation, as well as to our individual Swing District Funds.

Ethan Todras-Whitehill, our Executive Director and Co-Founder, has this to say about Swing Left’s efforts: “The overwhelming response we’ve seen from countless Americans ensures that many House Republicans will quickly regret their vote, and sends a clear signal to those in both the House and Senate that supporting the AHCA and the Republican agenda comes with a political price.”

Daily Kos also launched a campaign targeting 24 vulnerable House Republicans who voted for repeal and who sit in districts where Trump won less than 50 percent of the vote. Less than a day after launching their campaign, the Daily Kos community has given $800,000 via 17,200 contributions.

“Americans are horrified that congressional Republicans just voted to take away their health care, and that’s kindled real anger — anger that the Daily Kos community is channeling with record-breaking donations at unheard-of speed,” said Daily Kos Political Director David Nir.

ActBlue raised small-dollar donations for over 1200 different campaigns, organizations and funds.

Erin Hill, Executive Director of ActBlue added, “Immediately following yesterday’s vote, across America, grassroots Democrats drew a line in the sand on healthcare and made their voices heard… We saw over $4.2 million in small-dollar, grassroots donations sitewide yesterday, and trust me — supporters are just getting started.”

About Daily Kos, founded in 2002, is the nation’s largest online progressive community, with 10 million unique visitors a month and an email membership of over 3 million.

About ActBlue is a nonprofit organization that builds fundraising tools for Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits. Grassroots donors have given more than $1.6 billion to the campaigns and causes they support through ActBlue’s platform.