You’ve gotta meet: Raché Dos Santos

Raché Dos Santos - Medical Radiation Technologist

Last week, I introduced you to Alexandra (click here). This week, I’d like you to meet Raché Dos Santos. She was actually the first person I met in this social experiment. I was eating my salad which I ordered from pumpernickel’s located under Brookfield place. Raché, in her white lab coat, stood out amongst all the suits. She was minding her own business, enjoying her lunch when I approached her and asked if I could join her. We were at a table for four. I sat diagonally across from her. She mentioned she was almost done and would be heading back up shortly. What was going to be a 10 minute conversation ended up being a good 20–25 minute discussion on dating and relationships.

Raché (Italian) met her slightly younger Portuguese husband a few years ago. She resides fairly close to where I live now. Small world. She thinks I’ll end up meeting someone older because I have ‘an old soul’. Immediately when she returned to her clinic she texted me “Hey! Just tried with the secretary. She’s 20 nooo”. Know anyone else Raché? Thanks for looking out for me and it was great meeting you!

Q: How did you feel/react when I approached you?

A: “When you approached me I was fine with it. I am a very social person. I actually liked that you asked to join me. It reminded me of the good old days when people used to talk to others and be friend just because. ”

Q: How did you feel/react after our conversation?

A: “After leaving our convo, I was happy to see that there are still nice people who exist. People with morals and people who drive to make our society a better more friendly place to live.”

Q: What do you doand what’s your title?
 A: “I am Medical Radiation Technologist. I work at an X-ray and mammography clinic in the east end. I do some relief work downtown sometimes. ”

Q: How long have you been an MRT?

A: “I have been doing this for 12 years now”

Q: Any tips?

A: “Always treat people/new grads/students respectfully in the workplace. We were all there at one point. I’ll always remember the tech who was nice to me. He told me to always remember we all started at the bottom. ”

Q: How did you get into this role?

A: “My parents always pushed me into the medical field and I’m so happy they did.”