Next Day And So Forth

9:33am- So. It’s the next day. I ended up canceling with that guy and stayed home with my PS4 and Charlie and TV dinners. It was pretty good. I was woken up last night by Bian the cat, whose absence of his owner led him to bother both me and Charlie in the early morning for food. It was awful because I really wanted to savor every minute of sleep I had, and I was irritated enough to turn off my alarm and sleep, determined to make up for time lost. I really only gained an hour, with Charlie waking me up a few minutes past 6am. I flew out of the house, mostly out of guilt. After all, he was the one who hired me and here he was, waking to me to arrive at the job he was nice enough to give me an hour late. Now it’s our break time and I’m sitting by myself with the remnants of my coffee. In my rush, I left my good earbuds at home and am now attempting to make do with the crappy ones I had in my car that keep disconnecting from the phone. Better than nothing though. I shudder to think how slow and lonely the day would go without music to keep me company. I’m still without data on my phone and there’s no wifi at the warehouse so I can’t browse the internet while pretending to poo. My job requires me to make constant rounds of the warehouse, though I wish I could stay in one place and constantly work. I think time would pass faster. Instead, I meander around the warehouse, occasionally helping where I can while everyone but Mr. Mikey McStare ignores me. Maricruz is nice to talk to, although we don’t get to often. Alondra too. They are busier than I am and I keep them from their work because I have none.

11:52am- It’s happening again. I feel I’m about to go insane. I want to scream. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to live here. I don’t want to work here. I want to be alone. But I don’t. But not with these people. With good people. People good for my head. My heart.

I want to live in a nice place with a nice job with nice pay and nice people where I can make nice friends and be able to get a nice cat.

I wish that wasn’t so difficult to get.

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