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Once upon a time, on Valentine’s day of the year 2005, Youtube was born. And with it the untapped possibility of online video virality.

Since then, we’ve had some of the most iconic characters reach internet fame: Chocolate Rain, Double Rainbow, Leave Britney Alone, The Numa Numa Guy… Today we have thousands of Youtube celebrities and a track record of viral videos that would take weeks to watch — to watch the actual entirety the Youtube library it would take you more than 60,000 years.

At SWISH, we know all about viral videos, we are a platform for video discovery…

The Netflix recommendation engine

As the data scientist at SWISH, one of my core responsibilities is to develop an algorithm that will predict which videos users will love! We are all different; and whether you like watching cute puppies falling over, stunning timelapses of Shanghai, or 10-year-old prodigies mastering the art of Kung-Fu, our goal at SWISH is to show an incredible video stack that is specifically tailored to you.

We are all constantly striving in order to become experts in our respective fields. One of the best ways we can do that is by modelling the best bits of…

“Getting Goosebumps — A Pragmatic Guide to Effective Inbound Marketing.” Written by Bryan Adams & Dave Hazlehurst

One of the best parts of being in a Startup, as it is very much “starting up”, is the amount of space we have dedicated to learning so that we can build a product and brand that everyone loves.

On my first day at SWISH I was welcomed with a handshake and 3 books. This defines the SWISH team spirit. We are passionate about learning, because we want to be great at what we do. …

In early December, the SWISH team attended two major tech events in London. Two gatherings of startups, investors, and tech gurus.

The first was Tech Crunch Disrupt, which took place at the Copper Box Arena on the 5th and 6th of December. SWISH was at the Startup Alley, where we were able to pitch our app to potential partners, users, and discuss our ideas with other entrepreneurs.

SWISH Co-Founder, Mateen Mohammed @ techcrunch Disrupt London 2016

“I am often taken aback with the enthusiasm and energy SWISH receives from potential users, partners and large companies despite us being in our infancy!” …


A blog for all things SWISH, written by our team members.

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