The SwissBorg App

The SwissBorg App will help us deliver our promise of providing the wealth management platform of the future that is accessible to all. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, thorough positioning, trade reporting, real-time monitoring of portfolio positions and executions, the investment App will put wealth management at the fingertips of any user from entry-level to professional traders. It will, also, allow unfettered access to both fiat and crypto.

Our team of engineers has been working hard to deliver SwissBorg’s showcase product. With the new hires added and a new engineering partnership forged, our Tech team headed by Nicolas Rémond is working non-stop on the SwissBorg App.

Our App is the primary technology that supports our ecosystem and will give everyone equal access to all of our investment packages. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, institutional grade back-end infrastructure and the expertise of our fintech team, anyone from traditional investors to absolute beginners can become a community member.

Our all-in-one investment app will offer diversified and automatically re-balanced portfolios in just a few clicks. Even the busiest or least tech-savvy users will be able to access quality investment products with our investment app.