“Aim for perfection, but expect loss, mistakes, disappointments and failures.” “Above all else prepare for the long haul, because all things that are good are worth fighting for..”

So many realizations this morning, I am unsure where to begin.

This past week I have listed one person for every day of the week to call me except for Tuesday, today; because on this day my mom and I go to Early Morning Prayer together at her church in Irving, TX. I have always treasured these days, to not only know that I am with someone going together to fight this battle- in interceding for those around us in this spiritual warfare; but its my mother, someone I will always look up too, and know how much she loves and care for me- no matter how stern or unfair she can sometimes seem. She is also someone I found out today, that takes time out from each day, to pray. Maybe this is hopeful thinking but I realize now why I have been so lucky in many things, and shown so much grace by those around me who had no reason to grant me such grace.. its because I had someone guarding me, showering me with her prayers- to ensure that I would not only survive but be taken care of by my heavenly father. Dear God thank you so much for such people who pray for me, and have guarded me cause by God there were so many times where I could have died or been seriously hurt. As reckless as I am, I am truly grateful.

Convicted by so many people today, my heart is in a humble place and I bow before the Lord praying for forgiveness and redemption from my transgressions. Transgressions of pride, and selfish hopes of proving my abilities when none of this would have been made possible without Him. As I have those who pray for me. Those who would teach me and give me words of encouragement. Those who wake me each morning so that I could make it out every morning. Those who show me countless measures of grace. Thank you so much for I could not have done this without you.

In regards to the lines I wrote in my introduction, I have been inspired by various many Ted Talks. These TedTalks have filled my days with inspiration and tactics of being confident and to push forward in the purpose we have as people. I am an avid believer, in getting help if there is something you don’t know how to do. For me there’s much that I do not know, and so I have many self-help books lining my shelves and how to videos in my youtube watch history. So here I am, inspired by three particular videos in pursuing these 33 days in prayer for this next year of 2017.

  1. How waking up every morning at 430am can change your life- Filipe Castro, TEDxAUBG. Now obviously I wake up an hour later, in comparison to Mr. Castro but this idea of waking up earlier was inspired by this man’s particular goal in waking up at this time and accomplishing all that he could before the world woke up and sharing this journey with the world around him. To know that it is possible, to simply wake up earlier and how much it could solve so many issues with time constraints and focus — I was encouraged to do the same. I struggle with time management, lack of sleep, and discipline all the time. So to test this, to widen my horizons in realizing what my body is fully capable of doing, when my mind says it cant- I decided to go to sleep at 10pm every night and waking up at 530am every morning. It is completely doable. You would be surprised how strong and capable the Lord creates the human body.
  2. Start with why- How great leaders inspire action Simon Sinek, TEDxPugetSound. In order to do something that is difficult in our minds, we must not only know that it is actually possible, but why are we doing this. This TedTalk presented this question in my mind. In order for even myself to actually believing the purpose of doing this, I must know why. Why I am doing this, is 2 reasons. I wish to be a leader that can inspire others. And in order to be a leader that others can trust and follow, you must not ‘sell’ or advertise what you have or what you can do.. but what you believe in. I believe that there is one true God, who lives simultaneously as 3- the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that he is the creator of the heavens and the earth, all that is seen and unseen by the human eyes. I believe that I am in need of Him, as I am a sinner who is nothing without him, and He is my savior who not only saved me from eternal damnation, but defends me daily and grants me grace for every breath that I take. I believe that I am forgiven and redeemed by faith through grace alone (not by works). I believe that I and every person on this earth has a purpose and the Lord would wish that each person would achieve that purpose. In this, I believe in the power of God, and in prayer. IN doing these next 33 days, I wish to lead and inspire others to pray, to speak to our God. To believing once again in the presence, God’s hand in our daily lives. To also have the courage in seeking out that purpose if its not known, and to pursue it with everything that they have and God gives them (which means that possibilities are limitless). Solely based on the truth that God loves us, in such a way that is unconditional and indescribable.
  3. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator Tim Urban, TedxTalks- This talk was especially entertaining because I could completely relate and only the panic monster can get me to move and work on what must be done. My whole life was based solely on procrastination, late for everything, living off of people’s good graces. Terrible, but its nice to know that I am not the only person who does this. Obviously this is not a characteristic, any good leader should have, and what was amazingly mind blowing was what he ended his talk with. Its life’s choices, when there isn’t a deadline to wake up that panic monster for those things that must be done in order to reach personal life goals or dreams. You could go on procrastinating your whole life, settling for survival and momentary pleasures and just die. I refuse to allow this to happen. Procrastination must come to an end or at least be tailored to only certain things that can be pushed back. Not one’s dreams or goals. Not one’s purpose.

With these three Ted Talks among many I have been inspired into action, to live. And to not only live for myself, but for others, and not only for others but for the Glory of God.

This morning, Pastor Sung Chul Lee stated that what we should pray for is- to have our hearts more like Gods, to reflect his desires. And I realize that as I continue to pray my heart opens and deepens for his people. And as I make mistakes and fail -over and over- again I gain this humility and grace for others as I am given that same grace- the chance to try again. Maybe that’s a grace in itself, in being a failure. *chuckle*