Being EPIC

I know you are wondering what can this be, well I’m going into it now — Rush Not :).

I am aspiring to be a part of a family, the EPIC family. EPIC is an acronym of the core values emplored in ANDELA family. The best place to work in Nigeria. Three times winner in a row recognized by Jobberman… get the gist.

Andela is an initiative that gives us Africans an opportunity to scale high as a world-class software developer. In doing so they employ the use of four values that helps get there fast.

These four values are; EXCELLENCE, PASSION, INTEGRITY, and COLLABORATION. They form the acronym EPIC.

Excellence: This life approach requires you to constantly seek to improve on yourself, having a learn it all approach to life rather than a know it all approach, seeking feedback in identifying how to improve and what to improve, constantly expanding limits and setting milestones, learning from shortcomings and mistakes, knowing that no matter how good you have become you still seek to be better, never scared to make mistakes rather be scared of not growing. All these are attributes you will learn to portray when pursuing Excellence.

Passion: This is an approach to life that showcases unwavering energy and conviction towards a certain goal. Having a belief that you can change the world and acting continuously towards it takes passion. This approach differentiates you, as it helps to get a clear, compelling, and easy to grasp direction towards your goals. You would be a source of inspiration to others and you also get inspiration from all around. Giving up would not stick much in your heart as you would continually reflect on your goals and purpose.

Integrity: This life approach requires you to live in accordance with your set values, makes you evidence of whatever you profess. You are honest to yourself and others about your shortcomings. Words are not cheap to you when you live by this life approach, rather you hold yourself and other individuals around to the highest standards. Mistakes would be honestly reflected on as a learning avenue, and once the lesson is derived no unnecessary hold to it. This phrase got me while interacting with Andela’s Home study: “I walk the walk and talk the talk”.

Collaboration: With this approach to life, you would have an understanding that you would achieve more impact by joining forces, as when one chase a thousand, two would chase ten thousand. It has always been evident, both in history and in the modern day, that collaboratively humans tend to achieve more than individually. That’s why the best strategy employed is divide and conquer. Even the holy book recorded that, when humans came together they build a tower spanning close to heaven. You need to appreciate tools that enhance collaborative efforts. Also, understand that different background and different origin should not deter us from grouping together to achieve similar goals.

I am of a strong belief that the four values are intertwined and to fully attain a world-class level of success you must attain the other. That’s why it is being used in Andela alongside each other.

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoyed and learned something from this.