It’s compelling to realize that very valuable things take a huge amount of time to build, but little time to destroy. True friendships take years to build but seconds to tear apart.

For the past few weeks, I have been at the nitty edge of a destroyed friendship amongst friends and it’s taught me so much. I’m really one for the people and that’s why this has left big lessons for me

I don’t tell stories especially when it’s personal and ends sadly, why spends someone’s time to read a post of yours that doesn’t end nicely?

So I will just drop a few pointers and live on.

It’s important we give ourselves and all to anything we love, never allow external reasons affect the way you see things, be very careful who you give and spend your time with, building friendship isn’t a walk in the park, it’s an investment and like every venture, at a certain time, there must be a return on investment (ROI).

It’s important you critical think on people you call friends, homies or buddies, you would obviously need them at some point in your life and imagine when that time comes, their acts reveal you’ve wasted years or rather learnt from them. They will be tests to ascertain how rooted your friendships are. You would surely need them, no man is an island.

I had a group of friends, we taught we were all one and the bond was strong but boy was I wrong !!!

One of us took it too far and extreme, now we are all having nostalgic moments.

I’m happy at what happened, I have collected my catalogue of lessons because I will be needing them for future encounters

For the audience, I drink to your friendships, I do pour another drink to your long lasting friendship because they matter the most.

I wish you meet new people, these people stay on

I wish you all grow from strangers to acquaintances to friends to close friends to family to blood !!!

It’s how life keeps rolling on

Cheers to you all !!!

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