Announcing a new blockchain-based e-mail platform

Welcome to Swisstok Medium. In this blog, we will share the project updates, our vision, news, as well as the thoughts on the industry developments, potential threats and opportunities.

We are excited to announce our project, Swisstok, and we are releasing our first draft of the whitepaper for the community to review:

The future of communications: what is it like? Why do the internet giants offer you free services? To gain full access to your life in return, because we grant them detailed information about ourselves. Every Internet company wants to make its own profit by selling your data and sending ads. The problems of inequitable distribution of income and power online are getting more and more drastic. But the blockchain ideology makes it possible to solve them.

Swisstok creates a decentralized encrypted p2p e-mail platform. Our goal is to change the economic model of the Internet for the benefit of users. Swisstok provides secure communication tools and make it profitable for those who wish. We are changing the traditional model of communication services where an Internet company’s servers the central core in the system.

What do we do? Free email server, that everybody can download and deploy anywhere. Now, any small company or community could have their own encrypted communication tool, and nobody could read it, neither cloud provider, nor an administrator, nor the Big Brother. Also Swisstok platform includes a user application for iOS, Androind and web for secure email communications.

Where is the blockchain? We use blockchain to record and store financial transactions, viewed ads, store Swisstok network structure and public keys. Our tokens (SWSToken) are used to pay users for viewing ads and incoming e-mails.

Our platform includes artificial self-learning neural network for fraud- and spam-detection. The 2-level P2P architecture ensures better protection from DDoS and mass hacking, while leveling down the capacity requirements. We unite e-mail, messaging and voice.

Also we are introducing the following significant additions to the technology:

  • To fight with possible attempts to simulate human click by automated clicking we will introduce decentralized system of fraud prevention using neural network (instead of centralized oracle). The Neural network will have user behavior profiles and raise an alert if fraud is attempted.
  • We will continue working with decentralized storage solution. This will avoid problem of a single node failure from the network.

Where is the profit? It is in the Banner network, paid marketing e-mail, paid direct e-mail. However, the software is free, and always will be if you want so. Yes, users could still block the ads. But they can also make money on it.

Just imagine advertising today is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Day-by-day, companies like Google and Facebook collect information about users nonstop. However, nearly 50 percent of all ad traffic is generated by bots. Blockchain technology eliminates the need for middle men in all transactions.

Because blockchain is a decentralized system, data stored this way has a high level of security. We are focusing on data privacy, giving users full control over their data. They can be compensated for their data. For companies, it is opportunity to show ads to consumers whom they are selling their data to. This serves as the foundation for the loyalty-based economy when the customer is really interested in viewing the ads.

We would appreciate any feedback, here in the comment or on our channels (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram). We welcome any help from the community.

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