Switchub: On a mission to better the lives of Mobile Gamers in Africa

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With the great popularity of gaming in Africa and the ability to make players indulge, the turnout of players to play games has dramatically led to transforming the gaming industry from the entertainment side to being involved in most other areas in their lives. Examples of these areas are education, entertainment, and promoting social relationships. Some studies find out that there is a relationship between gaming and a player’s behavior. However, we have seen this to be very true through erratic track record in recent times. First, we can talk about what kind of skills or reactions a player will earn after playing different games. These reactions can be explicit or implicit and positive or negative reactions such as development, improving social relationships, and enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Smartphones are the new primary platform and you can play your favorite game anywhere, with most characters, assets, and even languages adopting African characteristics. The number of gamers on the continent has also more than doubled over the past five years and the growth of the gaming industry in all aspects is taking an upward trajectory.

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Switchub has made a goal to better the lives of mobile gamers in Africa by providing aids to make each gamer and its household, game efficiently. We have so far provided thousands of accessories to different kinds of gamers in the past year. At the beginning of the year, we recorded over 700 orders fulfilled to different gamers.

We are currently based in these popular cities Lagos, Abuja, and Accra. With instant deliveries nationwide in Nigeria and Ghana, we are looking to add more locations to our belt in order to provide more for our customers.

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Our main products are currently

Anti-sweat thumb sleeves for Pro Gamers — With this you can rest assured that all your precision problems as a mobile gamer are over. Our thumb sleeves help you build your gaming performance and avoid your thumb from sweating.

Ak04 Mobile Game Trigger for Pro Gamers — With this your shooting gaming will never be the same. With a soft touch and precision, become the killer sniper and take complete control!. The triggers are mainly for first-person shooter games (FPS) like Call of duty Mobile, PUBG, League of Legends, ShadowGun War Games, Free Fire, etc. It can be used on other games as well if you have the ability to customize the layout of your play mode.

Photo from Switchub Instagram

Phone cooling radiator for Every Gamer — Our phone cooling radiator is designed and optimized for the best gaming performance. It cools your phone and prevents it from over-heating which eventually provides a better gaming experience for you while you enjoy gaming!. Made of finely finished non-stick plastic. The cooling starts immediately (In 2 secs).

Other Products

As part of our by-products, we also provide other accessories, like game passcards, video game CDs, and video games consoles (Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc.) to our customers. You can purchase directly on our website as well as contact us on any of our social channels.

We are also actively adding mobile gaming products to our catalog. As we continue to better the lives of gamers on a daily basis.



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