My First Experience Wearing a Wooden Bow Tie

“Is she staring at me”??
I asked myself.
I was admiring her for the past year. She was also aware of that, but never noticed me that way.
“Your suit is amazing bro” my subconscious mind shouted into my brain.
“Oh no, this is the only one you have, and she has already seen you in this suit!” I replied to myself.
Actually, I was at the wedding of a colleague and was lost in my thoughts, the only reason I was lost was the way my one sided love was staring at me.
After spending some time at this party it was not hard for me to guess that something was special, I noticed it in the eyes of my colleagues and friends. I was not rich, I only had one or two suits with two pairs of shoes I would wear almost everywhere. So I was confused about what was so special that day.
A friend of mine came up to me and asked me.
“Is that a wooden bow tie?? You are looking cool with this matching bow tie dude”
And then the entire scenario was clear to me.

Yes, You guessed it right, It was that special bow tie which was giving me a special look on that occasion. Let me tell you that this gave me so much confidence that I approached her for the first time and we had our first words together.

I ordered that wood bow tie online at and received it within a matter of days. Switchwood has a huge collection of designer bow ties and wood accessories. However, I only had two suits it was a matter of fractions of minutes to choose a matching one for me, you can easily find the perfect combination to your suit with a huge collection of tempting bow ties.
Since then, I have purchased two more suits and 3 matching wooden bow ties for each suit (Yes each).
Now she is my girlfriend and we are staying together. You know what the best fashion combination she likes? My suit and wooden bow ties. Whenever we go out for a date or party the only thing she has to bother me about is my hairstyle, switchwood has me covered for the rest.

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