5 Minutes with PoochPR

In the latest of our series of interviews, we chatted to Sarah Wallace from PoochPR, about her company that helps dog businesses build their brands. Check them out, via the links below, and be sure to get in touch if your doggy business would benefit from their services…

Name: Sarah Wallace

Business: PoochPR

Where is the business based?: London

How long have you been in this business?: 17 years

What made you begin a career working with dogs?: My partner and I rescued a dog from Bosnia, Yvie, and she is the inspiration (and brains) behind the company! This led me to working with doggie brands, people and businesses to help them build a brand that really represents them and what they’re offering to the world.

How has the industry grown/changed in the time you’ve been up & running?: The industry has changed massively. Print media is also slowly vanishing as people get their news fix from online sources and social media has been a real game changer. This medium has meant brands have a quick and free way to get their name out there which is great in one respect but it also means that they are competing against a much larger audience, which is why it is still so important to work with experts who can help with strategies to meet your business goals and make sure you are getting in front of the right audience, not just ‘a’ audience.

How many dogs do you/have you owned?: Just the one.

What is your favourite breed and why?: Collie and cross breeds (for obvious reasons!)

Who are you following on social media, doggy-wise?!: Wild at Heart Foundation, Oli Juste Dog Trainer, Neville Jacobs

Where is your favourite place to walk your dog in SW London?: Clapham Common is good when we are visiting friends but if we are going further afield, you can’t beat Richmond Park.

Which local dog services would you recommend: Oli Juste is one of the best behavioral doggie people and trainer and he works all over London.

Any top tips or pearls of wisdom to pass on to our readers?: Adopt don’t shop!

Your website/social media details: www.poochpr.com and you can follow me on Instagram @pooch_pr