5 Minutes with Wag’n Go

We caught up with Trina Cooper, the owner of Wag’n Go Boutique & Spa in Wimbledon. Trina has a fantastic blog, full of information, tips, advice and reviews, so make sure you check it out!

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Name: Trina Cooper.

Business: Wag’n Go Boutique & Spa.

Where is the business based?: Wimbledon Park, London.

How long have you been in this business?: Since 2012 but the shop is new.

What made you begin a career working with dogs?: It always starts with a puppy! Although I had many ventures in a variety of businesses, I’ve always had a deep love for animals and a knack for working with dogs. As a child, I learned to train, care, and travel with animals, and as an adult, I studied dog nutrition and dog training extensively. I share my love of animals with my mother and aunt, who is a dog breeder. After a lot of research, I decided to create my own company focusing on my passion for dogs, the adventures of Maggie and source out the best dog care, advice, news, and dog friendly services possible!

How has the industry grown/changed in the time you’ve been up & running?: I’ve seen the pet industry grow each year from strength to strength, with more options for busy pet owners.

How many dogs do you/have you owned?: I currently have one dog, however I have always had a dog while growing up.

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Maggie the Beagle

What is your favourite breed and why?: Now that is a tricky question. I love all breeds, and considering Maggie is a beagle, I have a very soft spot for hound dogs. However, my favourite breeds are dogs that have tails that wag and great ears!

Who are you following on social media, doggy-wise?!: The list is too big to mention. I follow over 400 on Instagram, about 7,000 on twitter, and a few hundred on Facebook. As an influencer with my blog Wag The Dog UK, which receives about 30,000 views per month, it’s important to always check out the latest trends. Dogmilk is one of my favourites.

Where is your favourite place to walk your dog in SW London?: Wimbledon Commons.

Which local dog services would you recommend: Well, mine of course! Vet-wise, Stonelion or Kydd & Kydd.

Any top tips or pearls of wisdom to pass on to our readers?:

7 Essential Things Needed Before You Take Your Puppy Home

  • A collar or harness and a lead: On the day, that you take your puppy home you should have a lead and collar ready for him or her. It makes sense to take it with you in the car when you go to pick your pup up just in case.
  • A crate: Puppies need to be contained at times when they are in the home, especially when house training.
  • A dog bed: It is also important to give your puppy a comfortable bed to sleep in from night one.
  • Food and water bowls: our dog will need a solid heavy food bowl and a separate one for its water. A solid heavy bowl made out of something like ceramic is better than a plastic bowl.
  • Suitable food: Puppies get hungry fast, so you need to buy the right food before you pick up your puppy.
  • A few treats & toys: You also need to buy some puppy treats & toys. The sooner you start training your dog the better.
  • A brush: Grooming your dog is important for skin health as well as cosmetic reasons. Again, the sooner you start grooming your dog the better.

Your website/social media details: wagngo.com

Blog: wagthedoguk.com

Twitter: @wagthedoguk

Facebook: WagNGo

Instagram: @wag_n_go

A page for dog lovers in South West London. We want to find the best services, places and people for your dogs!

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