An introduction to SW London Dogs

Firstly, thank you for visiting this page. I started SW London Dogs after recently getting a gorgeous Schnoodle puppy and discovering the enormous and varied world of dog products and services available!

Living in SW London, we are lucky enough to be spoilt for choice with beautiful walks and parks to visit, but sometimes the choices can be a bit overwhelming, and instead of exploring everything on offer, we stick to what we know. I hope that by promoting all the amazing products, services and people on offer, we can all broaden our horizons a bit and give our dogs the happiest times in SW London.

I realise that the area I’m covering is vast, so I’d be really grateful for your contributions — if you can recommend an amazing park, a pub that is particularly dog friendly, a vet that goes above & beyond or a product that we all need in our lives, please let us know! Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as SWLondonDogs & use #swlondondogs — I can’t wait to hear from you all & to get out there and start exploring all that our lovely part of London has to offer our furry friends!

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