Should be

I read a good story by Joanna Valente called I’m Not Spending Mother’s Day with My Mom — By Choice. I should be more forthright. I really like her honesty.

I read a good story by Tom Mitchell called What are people really working on in coffee shops? The satire is very clever. But I did not laugh out loud — I began to worry about what I’m working on. I like to stay home and work in my kitchen. Should I be out there in a coffee shop instead? I’ve begun to follow my stats, even though I’m only 2 weeks into the blogging business. I have to face it, I’m not above vanity or ambition. I shouldn’t be above admitting it then either, should I?

I read a good story by Sophie Davies, How Minimalism Changed My Life. It rings true — I believe her. I didn’t even know minimalism was a thing. I’ve been living in a cave, where all was pared down, but I thought it was just me. And now here’s Medium, plumping me up with lots of fat new ideas. Remember when Pooh visited Rabbit and ate so much honey he couldn’t get back out the hole he came in? That’s me on Medium.

Back home in the old quiet cave my philosophy was Let It Be, Let It Be. I think what I want now is a dual approach. Let It Be that my back end stays put in the kitchen being minimal with the laundry. Meanwhile, my nose is out in the maximal world where I can become a better writer, competing with all the brilliant young yappers for airtime.

Maybe I’m exactly where I should be. Somebody pass the honey pot, please!