it’s only a theory
Sometimes therapists don’t know how therapy works.
Raine D.

Since Jeffrey Smith makes his theory very explicit, I can test it! If a therapist doesn’t tell you what their theory is, then you’re working in the dark, trusting them to know what they’re doing, even if they don’t. Just like when we were kids we trusted our parents, even when they were nuts. And even if the therapist has a theory and says what it is, it’s probably not going to be helpful unless the client feels safe enough, etc. Jeffrey Smith has tried to boil his theory down to the least common denominator for all therapy approaches, so it should be testable under any circumstances. To me it feels right, what he says. Filling out his psychotherapy self-evaluation form has been an eye opener, helping me pinpoint exactly where I don’t feel safe or seen. Tomorrow I’ll discuss all this with my therapist and report back. :-)

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