People Laughed When I Started Working Out

I remember my G-Shock beeping when the 2-hour alarm finished its countdown…

I remember my coffee shop coworkers giving me a weird look when I ate two cans of tuna fish followed by 4 slices of whole wheat bread…

I remember them groaning while I dipped the bread in water so I could swallow it easier.

I remember friends teasing me about having pictures of “naked men” all over my walls.

Of course those pictures were all pro bodybuilders, but for a young male in my generation, a greased up picture of Dorian Yates didn’t often make the top of their list.

I tagged along with some friends that were more experienced in the weight room and copied what they did to work out. I read everything I could about fitness and training like the pros. I practiced, stayed dedicated, trained day in and day out regardless of the weather, what my peers were doing, and I ate what I read I should eat to maximize muscle growth.

I did these things because I had a goal. I had passion. I had a dream. I had my heart and soul set on a physique that I would be proud of. A body that looked like it was carved out of stone, just like the classic bodybuilders I always admired. I didn’t mold my vision on any one else’s opinion, I did what I thought had to be done, and I pushed myself to the limit every time I walked in that gym door.

People laughed at me when I started working out.

People aren’t laughing now.