Welcome To The Roided Up Ass-Clown Show

I guess social media has yet to filter out the circus acts that still seem to pepper my news feed. The public gets what the public wants yeah? Well, in my opinion, the public is becoming more hungry for real world fitness and less circus acts and steroid seminars. Lets discuss.

Every time I pull up my Instagram (http://instagram.com/swolenormous) and I look through the “Explore” section all I see are profiles with handstands, people climbing on poles, and dudes (and ladies) juiced up out of their minds lifting incredible weight. That’s all well and good, similar to the baseball explosion of the late 90s and early 2000’s with the homerun paradise from Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

Chicks dig the long ball. Remember that?

Well, people are also being mis-led with circus tricks and lifting that no ordinary or healthy individual could ever lift in their lifetime without shoving 30 needles in their ass per week. Enough already. We need LEADERS in the fitness community. We need people that set an example and give the REAL filter of fitness, not the circus act.

Of course all of these pictures and videos get tons of attention, but what are we really learning from this?

Half of the comments are negative, from “haters” ragging on the poster for using anabolics or that the plates are fake. Either or is likely true, but in the same instance, why all the attention and STILL the negative comments?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Well, there IS and there ISN’T.

In fitness, I think there is definitely such a thing as bad publicity. There is a hunger for truth. For amazing information and REAL people with REAL information that can help change lives. Watching some juice head bench press 500 lbs gets old real quick. Especially when they don’t know their ass from their elbow which is all too often.

Once in a while I come across someone that knows what they are talking about, but who wants information on health and exercise from someone with a gut? Or that looks like they have spent their whole life in an exercise lab in front of a computer? I want the person that lives the life AND has the head on their shoulders to deliver that information succinctly and effectively to a hungry audience.

This is the person that I strive to be. This is the future of fitness. Real people working out, training hard, eating right and loving life. I will NEVER bullshit my audience. If I don’t know the answer or have no experience in an area, I will say so. I am human, just like you. I make mistakes, I have failures, but I also have successes. In fitness I have had far more successes than failures and I live the life. You need to find your path in fitness and you deserve to have access to public figures that guide you to that end.

Find out more about me on Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and on the web (links below). I look forward to hearing from you!

Title photo: nydailynews.com

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