The Soul of an Old Machine
Scott Rosenberg

I think there is a shift beyond “let’s start a foundation over in the corner and hope for the best.” Values-oriented businesses can make money and create something amazing and good for the world simultaneously. And, over time, others will follow — because it’s a powerful rallying cry. (Look at the example of Etsy, Chad Dickerson)

Ford did much to change how people thought about innovation and product as well as workers, marketing etc. I often use his quote: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” as a way to illustrate that sometimes companies and the products they put into the world must be willing to invest in some amount of gut-feel risk, in addition to their mission as a business. And that risk-taking spirit is how you outflank the competition (to pull from the playbook of another person I look up to when making business decisions, military strategist John Boyd).

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