POC21: One Year After
Benjamin Tincq

Hi Benjamin.

You are right. Fighting within the system doesn’t change much as we are so dependent on the current model. The objective is to rebuild a collaborative social structure that affords implementing sustainable innovation, to be produced on demand. Creating sustainably, on demand, is a qualitative paradigm. Time and resources are scarce, but creativity, and reputation, are limitless. An exchange model has to be based on that premise.

I think the best currency is reputauton itself. Social platforms like Sustainable Human, built off Hylo, and Heroes and Friends, and Neeboz are ways forward in this. So is Copiosis. But there is also Ecobasa. So many platforms.

The point is money can’t measure quality. Never has. I do a nalysis of Bitcoin which demonstrates that it is intenitonally desinged to show us just that. The best mechanism to exchange quality, on demand, is gifting. Feel free to see these:

For the record, I wrote on the POC21 facebook site about this and no one got back to me. Nothing is going to change unless we change the exchange model to one that values sustainable innovative abundance.

Feel free to connect with me and we can talk more about this, if you like.

Peace and thanks,



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