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I just had the realization that I check my Medium feed more frequently and for greater duration than Twitter, especially since the addition of the inline editor, inline responses to posts, and writing on the app. These have enabled and inspired much more conversational content, with recent posts in The Story as prime examples.

Though I sometimes wish more of my friends and acquaintances on…

The Night Letterman Heard Me

I’ve never consistently watched David Letterman — or most TV for that matter, but I’ve always appreciated him and his show whenever I happened to catch it.

One night while in college, on a rare night where I ended up in front of a TV, Letterman was on. I hadn’t seen the show in months. I noticed that the set behind him was new, you know, the…

Some Thoughts and Anecdotes on (High-stakes) Standardized Testing

As Alex Madison noted, many people have thoughts and experiences to share regarding standardized testing in U.S. public schools, as do I. I appreciate so much of what she gives voice to, and thus am inspired to share a bit of my own. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your post.

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I am grateful for the development of this app. I fully understand (and trust) it is early in its development.

Meanwhile I’ll share a request and a prioritized wish list.

Immediate request: Please stop over-prompting me on the mobile browser to switch over to the app. I’m there to check my notifications, especially as they relate to editing a publication. On the Medium app as…

I look forward to seeing how Medium tackles the problem of enabling a view of or a way to follow the flow of multi-branched, responses-as-posts conversations, essentially the formation of ideas and conversations, a similar notion of which I wrote on a while back: “A Meaningful Context Web.”

I don’t in any way presume I predicted it. No, I’m simply stoked to see relevant developments that I couldn…


I share and appreciate your articulation of ‘old’, and perhaps/likely ‘still’ Glenn Beck. I felt a unique mix of cynicism, optimism, disgust, and compassion as your post brought out the best in me while considering someone I’ve felt to be a vile public persona, even though I strive always for compassion. Well done.

But, um, people change? Right? That question isn’t…

I prefer to write to instrumental music, and if voice mixed in, with no clearly legible English or French words (though as time passes from the four years of French I studied in high school, I recognize less of the French). Music with English or French lyrics while writing is like someone projecting their own words directly into my head as I try to feel, sort, and express my own.

May I respectfully ask: why do you keep returning to Medium, and updating this post, if such hatred you feel for the medium. (note: I had no issues italicizing that entire word on my Chromebook. It used to be that Medium did not work well on my Chromebook, now it works beautifully on this, because development, a perpetual process for Medium.)

My one and a half cents:

I wrote the following report (PDF) four years ago for a CAGS course on school finance. I share it now, unedited, to add a small piece to the larger school finance puzzle/problem that Rikha Sharma Rani’s piece aptly highlights.

Financing Education in Vermont

by Shawn White


“Late Again”

An eleven-year old’s teacher appreciation

I have to share this video of my son, who wrote and performed this song for his teacher, to the tune of “Uptown Funk.” He spent three nights with pencil to notebook and sang it repeatedly around the house. We just added its audio to a mixCD he assembled for the same teacher, of her favorite songs, as a gift for…