Ductile Iron All flanged Tee

Ductile Iron All flanged Tee
The ductile iron flanged fittings are manufactured by Zhucheng Three-dimensional Pipeline Com., Ltd are mainly used for transferring the drinkable water, waste water and for irrigation. The Ductile cast iron flanged pipe are with high quality and reasonable prices and our products are exported to many countries in large quantity every year

Ductile iron Pipe Fittings include Flanged bend, elbow, flanged tee, double flange reducer, Flange invert tee, blank flange, all flange corss, ductile iron flange, flanged bellmouth, ductile iron duckfoot bend, Ductile iron Flange, loosing flanged fitting and so on.
Inspection SGS, BV, third party inspection
Material Ductile Cast Iron GGG50, QT500–7/450–10,FGS500–7,420–12
Standard ISO2531 BS EN545 EN598 BS4772 DIN2501,GBT13295
Flange drilled ISO7005–2,BS4504, EN1092–2, DIN2501
Pressure PN10, PN16,PN25
Specification DN50 to DN2000, K12/14
Joints type Flange, Typon joint(push on joint); Bolted Gland K type Joint
Application water supply project, drainage, sewerage, Irrigation ,water pipeline
Certificates ISO2531:2009, EN545:2010, EN598 ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001.
Surfce Inside Portland Cement mortar lining, bitumen paint, epoxy paint/powder
Surface Outside Epoxy paint, bitumen paint, epoxy powder coating
Accessories: gaskets, bolts and nuts available upon request
Packing methods: wooden case/pallet with plastic layer,or as per customer’s requirements

Double flanged bend factory.

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