Commercial Waste Collection, Waste Services in UK

SWR JustBins is a latest national waste collection company for Britain’s SME’s. This service was launched in the year 2015 to fill a gap in the market for simple, reliable, cost-effective waste collection for companies on a single site.

We are a part of the SWR brand, we are experienced for waste management expertise, experience in recycling-led solutions and provide the best customer service.

What We Do?

According to your waste streams and requirements, we provide you with either pre-paid bags or bins for your premises. We’ll then collect your waste on a schedule time that suits you disposing of it in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way possible.

We will take away all the rubbish, we’ll remove the problem of missed collections and the frustration for paying too much for waste services in the London.

Our Services

Pre-paid Bags

Pre-paid bags is used for a lot of variety of waste materials, including food, glass, mixed recycling and general waste. We will provide you with the bags and provide you the time of collection — all you need to do is keep your waste out ready at the time of collection.

We are popular for our pre-paid waste bags service, it is cost-effective option for your business when you are short of space to order a waste bins. There are five types of pre-paid products to choose from:

1. (red)Standard bags — fit for light residual waste from retailers and offices

2. (blue)Mixed recycling bags — for paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic pots etc.

3. (black, yellow, blue)Cardboard stickers — to dispose of your flat packed card board waste

4. (red)Premium bags — stronger, larger bags suitable for heavy waste from hotel businesses

5. (grey)Compactor bags — suitable for compactors such as Tony Team, Bergmann and Orwak