Music in 2017

In recent years music has been changing in various ways that some never thought would occur. I have come across an article by a man named Paul Hanford that digs into what music is turning into. Paul uses great detail to explain how advancing technology is changing the way music is portrayed and potentially even changing what an actual “album” is. Social media and other forms of technology have made it easier to release music and also advertise it. While many may disagree with these new methods of portraying music, I think different. I have found it a lot more interesting to be able to interact with these artists via social media and also be able to keep up with their careers. Many think it is taking away from the originality of music but I think it is creating a social bridge between fans and artists that makes music much more entertaining. Various sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are being utilized by artists to posts teases of their music or maybe even a real release date for an upcoming project. Old school artists are growing angry with these new methods because they are simply not able to work the media as well as the youth. For example the age at which some of these kids are becoming pop stars has slowly begin to decline. Artist only at the age of 16 are beginning to run hip hop music and portray every bit of their career through a social media source. While many would become extremely frustrated by this, I see it as amazing. I think it amazing that the youth can engage in hip hop music so early now through technology. This just goes to show what technology could have in stores for music in the future.