Only boats should float

Just because household waste floats, doesn’t mean it can or should be flushed #onlyboatsfloat.

With a keen governmental focus on nudging the country towards living plastic free, and an enthusiasm to get involved, we at Save Water Save Money wanted to find more ways to do this effectively. Actions in our everyday lives involve plastic in so many different ways that it’s difficult to think of how to set yourself on a correct course — beyond buying a reusable shopping bag at the supermarket.

When you hear observations like ‘one in three fish caught in the Channel contain a piece of plastic’ you may not know that the problem goes far beyond this. The larger animals like Sea Gulls, Seals and Whales and many of the other cool animals that smile at us in Disney movies are in reality, deeply affected, since fish forms a large part of their diet. Collectively the plastic from each separate fish they eat can build up in their stomach and shorten their life.

When considering water, the bigger scarier problem which plastic is a part of, is WASTE, and more specifically, FLOATING WASTE — so it doesn’t just involve plastics. Wet wipes, tissues, paper, fats, oils and grease… all these things seem to sow their way into our environment and our oceans and they are usually coming straight from our homes. Those cumbersome fatbergs you hear about so frequently blocking our drainage systems and sewers were built by a lack of awareness, fat floats! but we shouldn’t give it the chance.

There is something called the Great Pacific garbage patch, it’s the size of Texas and no one know what to do about it. If you get the chance, take a look at one of human kinds greatest rubbish collections, floating out in the Pacific Ocean with no clear plan on how to remove it or stop it continuing to grow.

A very common idea is that if it’s waste from the house and it floats we can flush it or wash it down the sink? Out of sight out of mind. But waste from the home has lasting effects on our eco system and will remain this way if we are not responsible in the way we dispose of things.

Plastics float, but again like household cooking fats, we shouldn’t give it the chance. Our #onlyboatsfloat idea is a way to bring the giant ideas of the population right into our homes and even into the mindshare of our children. Ensure that you are not flushing anything down the toilet or washing anything down the kitchen sink that doesn’t belong there. Plastics are not out of our lives if not recycled… small and memorable things like this, if kept in mind, can make a huge difference.

Our push for #onlyboatsfloat should hopefully get kids/adults to remember that nothing should be put into the ocean, or a sink, a bath or even your toilet if it doesn’t belong there.

Please help spread the #onlyboatsfloat message, just because it is household waste which floats, doesn’t mean it can or should be flushed.