So why do WE care so much about water?

Ok, we get it. Recycling, the Ozone Layer, putting the right things in the right bin … the list of things we’re told to care about gets ever longer. And now we’re suggesting you should be more aware about how you use water? Yep — but don’t worry, it’s the easiest of the lot (and you don’t even need an extra bin)

So why should you care? Water’s just, like, everywhere isn’t it? Well, for starters, if you’re on a water meter, using water differently could save you a fair bit of money by doing a few really, fiendishly simple things (more on those later). And by the way, not being on a water meter and paying the same as everyone else may not be the cheapest solution for you. Depending on the number of people in your home, being on a water meter and only paying for the water you use may save you money, and what’s more, if you contact your water company they’ll arrange to fit one for you, for free.

But back to that point about water being everywhere. Believe it or not, there is only a small amount of the world’s water which we can use. The world’s population is growing, along with an increase in the need for housing and industry, all of which use water. Hence the way we consume water is changing — and despite it raining a lot in the UK (don’t get us started), being aware of how we use water over the whole UK population would have an impact on the level of useable water we have available.

Do you care yet?
Whilst UK weather is unpredictable, last year we had the driest October-to-March period for 20 years, and a few weeks of persistent rainfall (we’re looking at you, Summer of 2017) doesn’t necessarily make up the reserves.

A recent report by the International Resource Panel states that if things keep going as they are, demand for water will exceed supply by 40% in 2030. Whether we as individuals are swayed by such reports is our own personal choice, but the bottom line is ‘why would anyone pay for water which they don’t need to use?’

Let’s do this
Right then, so far we’ve talked about both your bank balance and considered the fate of future generations. You couldn’t say this blog post isn’t wide ranging. But we’re making a serious point. There are so many simple things you could do — starting today — to start saving water, money and, well, the planet.

It’s time to join the wave of 1,250,000 people worldwide, who we’ve already helped save 51 billion litres of water. By answering just a few simple questions on our aqKWa Savings Engine™, you’ll find out how much water and energy you use at home — and get some personalised tips to help you save, tailored just for you, including whether getting a water meter might be best for you. Even if you don’t have a water meter, you can still save on the 23% of household energy which is used to heat your water.

What’s more, you can even compare yourself to your neighbours, and see how much water they’re using too. We don’t mean literally your neighbours — but you can see how much water people in your local area are using — and see how you match up (and you can keep coming back once you start saving, to see who’s winning). Competitive… you?

There’s even a range of water-saving products which can help you reduce your bills. With the aqKWa Savings Engine™ you’ll only ever be recommended things based on the information you provide, so these will be entirely specific to your needs. You may even be entitled to some freebies too, if your water company offers them — so it’s worth taking a look.

So there you go. We’re not just asking you to care about something small and insignificant. Conserving water is important on so many levels — from our environment and our future, to the pennies in our pocket. And hey, we’ve even given you a surprisingly easy way to get started, with our aqKWa Savings Engine™.

So polish up that money saving attitude — and get into water-saving gear. Your planet and your monthly bills will love you for it.