Response to Paloma Hernando’s “Do You Believe in Ghost”
Frankie Foxworth

Good response, sir. The vacation ghost story about how there were scratch marks organized into a ring was beyond belief, but if any of these stories make the best claim to the existence of ghosts, it was that one. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, and I think a few of Hernando’s ghost stories are unbelieveable or that there are perfectly reasonable explanations for the happenings. But like you said, there’s no way to prove the truth, but there’s no way to debunk his claims either. I also see that you said you believed that ghosts are real, which conflicts with my mentality. That’s a problem, Frankie. Get that checked out. All in all, I think that you’re response to Hernando is pretty nice, and the article gives me a different perspective of ghost believers. But you should really get that checked out.

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