Factors Affecting Women’s Clothing Choice

A variety of factors influence the clothing preferences of women across the globe. While protection, comfort and warmth remain the main reason why women puts on a particular dress in the morning, clothing also serves other purpose. For many, the choice of clothing proves to be a powerful expression of their personality. There could be many more reasons that influence women to make a clothing selection:

Fashion trends

Women love to keep up with the latest fashion trends when it comes to clothing. Herein, they are highly influenced by celebrities, their choice of clothing and hair styles. In fact, they also tend to choose a handbag that their favorite celebrity had carried to a recent show or a red carpet event. Aside from celebrity styles, women also follow fashion shows and movies to get inspired.


Clothing line is considered to cover modesty of women and accordingly they make choices. However, the concept of modesty has a different meaning in different countries. While some regions impose no boundaries on women, some countries expect the women to be decently clothed. This variation also influences women to make a clothing choice. In addition, culture and tradition are other factors that affect the choice of clothing made by women.


Various forms of clothing and dresses are set aside for particular occasions and ceremonies to mark significant moments in a woman’s life. For instance, there could be seen special outfits for weddings, evening parties, office parties or other occasions. These dresses are elaborate, classic and often called once-in-a-lifetime type of clothing that holds special meaning. For ceremonies, women love to wear traditional dresses that give them a completely different look.


Status or position of women within a social group is also a crucial factor that influences clothing choices made by them. This trend also exists in the corporate culture, where women with high-income career positions can be easily distinguished from the low-income groups. The selection of clothes also depends on the career or profession of women.

Beauty and comfort

Of course, women want to look their best all the time, and hence make a clothing choice that enhances their beauty. They prefer to choose outfits that make them look attractive and alluring. In addition, they want to remain comfortable with what they wear. This is the criteria for working as well as non-working women. If they are comfortable, they remain confident and full of attitude, as they desire.

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