Women’s March — Outside White House

This is an open letter to DNC Members

Dear DNC Members:

In the upcoming election for chair, I urge you to Pick Pete Buttigieg to move our party forward. I hope you will Pick Pete. He is innovative and forward thinking, with the creativity and skills to transform the DNC. He is unencumbered by old battles and alliances and can instead build our party around our shared values. He represents the next generation and would bring much-needed new blood and energy to our Party. Bottom line: he is the only candidate who can deliver the fresh start that we need.

On January 21st, when 3.9 million activists took to the streets to be a part of the resistance, Pete Buttigieg was in the thick of the Women’s March in South Bend. He was the only candidate for Chair who understood the importance of these marches and the incredible grassroots energy surrounding them. He knows we will need to tap into this energy to move our Party forward. He has the right instincts and has his priorities straight. That’s true leadership.

The DNC has an opportunity with Pete to turn the page and reach forward with a new inventive team that looks at the details, values transparency, and recognizes that the election of Donald Trump — a and the subsequent threats to our values — s necessitates a new approach so that means a need to re-create our approaches so the DNC is relevant to the millions of Americans who are engaged and committed to #resist.

During this DNC election campaign, you’ve heard a lot about the 50+ State Strategy. As one of the most fervent defenders and advocates for the “Dean” 50 State Strategy, I am convinced that Pete will go beyond the headlines and get into the nitty-gritty to get it done in execute it and execute it correctly — with an emphasis on training and accountability. Pete will delve deep and not make funding promises that are impossible to keep. The 50+ State Strategy wasn’t a one-size fits all program, and it shouldn’t be structured that way going forward.

As Chair, Pete would bring a new approach that not only supports our state parties, but also engages our progressive allies and Democrats whose success locally The new approach with Pete would not only support our state parties but also simultaneously engage with our allies and with individuals whose success locally can serve as a template for a national response. If we want to truly build our party from the local level up, we need to look outside Washington. Pete has been elected twice as the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana- he gets what we need to do to win at every level. The people who know what works locally are not in Washington. Pete speaks their language — he lives in that world.

I don’t have a vote this time. But, when I did have a vote, I took it very seriously. I hope you will this time and mark your ballot or send in your proxy for Pete. We’re at a place I have never seen before and it calls for a completely new approach.

From 1992 -2011 I had the great honor to serve as an elected member of the DNC. Over those years I was an Eastern Caucus Officer, Chair of the Women’s Caucus, Chair of the WLF, DNC Deputy Chair and in 2005 was elected Vice Chair serving with Howard Dean. In 2009, I wasWhen President Obama recommended his team in 2009, Debbie Wasserman Shultz replaced me as Vice Chair. elected A few weeks later, I was elected Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party and was in that position for two years helping reelect Governor O’Malley and Senator Barbara Mikulski in 2010. (Following my time at the DNC, I completed two terms as the Chair of Jewish Women International and one term as Board Chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. ) Because I missed partisan politics and couldn’t imagine not being engaged in the 2016 elections, I volunteered as Deputy Director of Talk Radio Row at the 2016 Convention and at the DNC during the fall leading up to the election. I’ve had an intimate view of our Party for the last 25 years — good years and not so good years.

With an enhanced concentration on cybersecurity, new technology and innovation, with an investment in our most important resource- people power, the DNC must embark in a new and more strategic direction. The old ways and the old paradigms won’t work this time around. We need someone and something new to change the paradigm.

Pete just gets it. The dedicated volunteers who are getting on busses and riding 3 hours to Detroit to be there to support him shows me that he is the inspirational leader we need going forward.

For more than 20 years I have known and in some cases worked closely with many of the candidates for Chair. Despite those connections, Pete pretty much had my support almost the very moment he opened his mouth. If he could convince this very tough grandmother with very strong opinions, my hope is that you will see that spark, too.

He understands these are different times that call for a new way of thinking. The DNC must capture the energy and enthusiasm and the civic engagement that this election has flamed.

I endorse and “ “Pick Pete” ” to bring our Party together and move us forward. I hope you will, too.