3 Shortcuts to Success Every High Achiever Uses (That You Don’t)
Jeff Goins

A nice article. Useful for me starting another career (or at least a new path in life). The lessons you share ring true from my previous existence as a surgeon. Obviously, in medicine, one learns from one's predecessors – surgery is not something that is reinvented with each new trainee (you will be comforted to know).

But having a mentor significantly speeds the process and is essentially how surgical training was configured for my generation. Multiple mentors during my training meant that some were bad and others were inspirational. The message here? Be brave and change your mentor if it isn’t working out: it may not be you that is not working.

And lastly, what you call seeking abundance ( sharing your knowledge and seeking the company of your best peers) is a strategy that I employed for many years to help build the best departments. Choosing someone who is probably better than you is scary but it lifts your performance and that of the whole department, making it overall a better place.

I now have a mentor for my photography and the process seems curiously familiar. Thanks for the article: it helps me to reflect on the best way forward!

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