The Swym Product Update — November 2018

Our Shopify Apps: Wishlist Plus | Back in Stock Product Alerts | Triggered Email

We are excited to bring you our latest product update, coming as it does before the crucial Holiday season, and includes a number of capabilities to help you get more from our apps. Here’s a list of all the recent enhancements we’ve enabled for you:

Wishlist Plus

  • Contextual Wishlist reminder emails — Based on products customers have added to their Wishlist, you can configure the app to automatically email users when those products are running low on stock or if they have a price drop.
  • Enhanced API support for creating and sharing Wishlist collections — You might recall that we had added the ability for users to create named collections of items inside their Wishlist (lists within their main wishlist). We’ve now made it easier for you to customize this capability for your customers by using our APIs such that the user experience blends seamlessly with your site. …

The Swym Wishlist Plus app allows your customers to easily bookmark their favorite products, such that when they come back to the site, they can easily pick up where they left off. As you look to maximize the value your store gets from the Wishlist Plus app, it’ll be helpful to think about 2 key aspects:

  1. Making the Wishlist app easily discoverable and easy to use. The more your customers engage with the app, the more valuable signals you get.
  2. Leveraging the Wishlist data to personalize the experience for your customers. …

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Back in 2016, when Google decided build mobile-first indexing for websites, it was a game changer for mobile commerce. Less than 2 years since that event, and now with over half of searches coming from mobile devices — ensuring a sticky-experience on mobile sites is no longer a choice for mobile developers. It is a necessity! And given you have around 4 months to go before holiday shopping season begins, enhancing mobile site engagement and conversions should be on top-of-your-mind. Here are a few quick ways that might help.

Content and Design

Your website’s primary goal must be to ensure user-friendly design that results in better engagement and hence sales. Some optimization tactics that can be implemented to attract more customers…

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The subject of user privacy is finally getting the attention it has always deserved. While the timing might suggest that this is because of the imminent deadline of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our opinion is that GDPR is just the catalyst. The staggering number of data breaches we’ve witnessed over the past few months, whether it was Yahoo Mail, Equifax, or more recently the Cambridge Analytica fiasco with Facebook, or any of the other less prominent ones, have all played a role. And especially when it becomes evident that these breaches might have influenced global political outcomes and therefore had a pretty significant impact on mankind as a whole, we know it has gone too far. For years now, privacy concerns have generally been taken for granted, but that has got to change — users are no longer willing to cede control of their data to some unknown corporation, especially when said firm might have no control over where that data ends up and how it gets used. And initiatives like the GDPR are forcing a decisive change in this regard. Whether it’s the attention or the stiff penalties that come with the new regulations, the fact remains that this movement is now getting a lot of momentum. Just the number of “you-will-be-opted-out of our cold email list” emails I have received in the past 72 hours bears testimony to the fact that we could well be entering a new, much more trustworthy digital economy. …

Our Shopify Apps: Wishlist Plus | Back in Stock Product Alerts | Triggered Email

Here’s the Swym Product update for May 2018, bringing you an overview of the latest capabilities we’ve added to our platform. Like I mentioned in our last update, upgrading our apps to @Shopify’s Polaris framework was a significant milestone for us. With that foundation now in place, we are able to add new capabilities to your Swym Apps Admin experience much faster than before. You don’t have to take my word for it though, think you’ll agree with me when you see this list of exciting features we’ve added over the past few weeks:

  1. View your customer Wishlists This is a long-pending request from a lot of our existing customers, and am happy to share that this feature is now available. From the Swym Wishlist Plus Dashboard, you can now view a user’s Wishlist contents using just their email address. …

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As a seasoned e-commerce brand, you know that your customers are typically engaging with you on more than one channel — it really comes down to which channel is convenient for them at that point in time, and what they are looking to accomplish. A shopper’s journey that starts on your Facebook page, might well make its way to your website, a subsequent visit to your physical store, and maybe eventually return to your site to make that purchase. As they navigate their journeys across all these channels, the customer’s expectation is that the interaction will be truly seamless. They don’t really care about which channel they are currently on, they just expect that the experience is consistent and personalized. …


“Connect with people that already have a following, and have them model or support your products”

Facebook, Instagram

There is no denying the potential fun social interactions that are sparked by dressing up and costuming as the character of your choice. And not just during Halloween, any costume party is a lot of fun. Wonder Woman one day, Batman the next day and an Angry Bird on the other — stepping out of your usual self just never goes out of style. However, providing costumes as a business can be quite daunting. Given that the store would need to keep their catalogue fresh and fun, yet ensure that the outfits are in style, fit the customer’s pocket, and are clean/hygienic for reuse. So, when we came across this Shopify store with such a unique business and via eCommerce, we simply had to showcase their story to understand the mind behind the matter. How they got started, how they see their mission, and their strategy to pursue the same. In this edition of Swym’s Shopify Customer Showcase, we’re happy to feature Princess for a day costumes providing pocket-friendly costumes on rent or for sale. …


“Talk to them as a friend, not as the masses — make every touch point count”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Shoppers these days are becoming far more conscious about the purchase they make and the impact they can create with the purchase. Every bit, every $ count! Shoppers are mindful about — where has the product come from, it’s story? The impact? The intent? These stories of intent cannot be created — they are to be discovered, formed, molded — just like a piece of beautiful jewelry. Featuring Andrea Kelly Designs, who create truly beautiful jewelry perfect for women who like to dress with intent. Every jewelry at the store has a story and an impact behind it. We weren’t surprised to see their collections being featured on some of the top fashion-based articles such as Vogue, Celebrity Page, Bones, HalfStack Magazine and more for their delicately designed jewelry. Their Mala Kit collection offer, jewelry making lovers a perfect chance to create their own piece of timeless beauty. Don’t miss out on some valuable nuggets of information on customer experience and eCommerce best practices in this Shopify store customer showcase. …

It is no secret that we are in a mobile-dominant era. In the last year, its very likely that you saw mobile either surpass (or come close to surpassing) your desktop traffic. In fact, based on data from thousands of e-commerce sites on the Swym platform, we consistently see that 7 out of every 10 sessions are now happening on a mobile device. Traditionally, the conversion rates on Mobile had significantly lagged that of the Desktop (or tablet, for that matter) but that gap is starting to narrow now. The most recent Black Friday event, for instance, saw close to 40% of sales coming from mobile devices. …


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