Maximizing website engagement with Wishlist+, via email

While it would be nice if every customer made a purchase on their first visit, the reality is that most shoppers take multiple visits via different channels and devices, before they commit to a purchase. A wishlist feature helps facilitate this consideration stage of online shopping. When customers get to add products to a personalized list it increases the emotional involvement and influences the shopper to re-visit the website, and probably along the way — shop more! More reasons why ‘Wishlist+’ engagement should be encouraged.

In our earlier post, we talked about increasing website engagement via social media. This post will share some tips and ideas to increase e-commerce website engagement via email, with Swym’s Wishlist+ app installed. These could be a part of your newsletter email sequence, that you can customize based on your brand’s theme.

- Mail 1: Attach a .GIF image, or a screenshot that captures the crux of why and how should they use the Wishlist+ feature. [Psst… we’ve put together a template free to download right after you finish this read]

- Mail 2: Expand the reach of your emails by integrating social media into your emails. Announce contests or the popular contest submissions thus far with the pictures shared, to further encourage ‘user generated content’ and Wishlist+ engagement — thereby improving website engagement. Maximize this email by giving them an option to connect with your brand across other social media profiles that you are active on

- Mail 3: Send re-engagement mails with exclusive deals and discounts to shoppers who have added products to their Wishlist and haven’t interacted with your website for ‘x’ days. Remind your shoppers that they can also email their wishlist to their friends/family right from the platform without having to log-in and out

Use compelling subject line, email copy and images to get shopper’s attention right form the start. Don’t forget that emails get viewed even on mobile phones, so consider optimizing for mobile by adding CTAs that are easy clickable on smaller screens. Add some personality and branding to reap the benefits of email marketing.

We put together an email template and some images to get you started with maximizing website enagagement via ‘Wishlist+’ and email for a stellar engagement engine perfect for the holiday shopping season!

Download now!

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