Searching Summits: Sneak ‘Peak’

A couple of months ago, I looked at my sleeping bag and wondered: “How cold can you go?”.

Just then, I decided to organize an expedition to the highest peak in a reachable distance from Cape Town. The Matroosberg stands at 2249 m. This also makes it the second highest summit in the Western Cape, after Seweweekspoort Peak (2 325 metres). You will probably know that the Matroosberg is renowned for it’s annual snowfall in the Western Cape.

So, this is a sneak peak of the expedition, captured by expedition photographer, Joshua Buhrmann (@joshua_buhrmann) . On an expedition like this, it’s no easy task hauling up gear to keep you dry, warm and safe- let alone all the camera equipment!

Night sky at Matroosberg.
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