Traveling Solo…sorta.

Road trips are the best. There’s nothing like throwing a bag in the trunk and getting out of town for a few days. With your kids it can be a blast, and educational! I remember our first road trip after my twins were born. They were toddlers, still in diapers and an awkward double stroller. We drove from Wilmington to Savannah, staying over in a cheap hotel, strolled around Savannah, toured an old civil war fort, and the whole trip was enjoyable except maybe the annoyance of trying to wheel a jerry-rigged double stroller through cobblestone alleys. We’ve taken trips to Charlotte, D.C. and Atlanta, all a blast, so if you’re ready to hit the road with your littles, here’s some tips I’ve figured out along the way:

  1. Pack SUPER light. Most hotels have a washer/dryer for guest use hidden in the back of the first floor. My rule is one nice outfit for dinner out, 2 casual outfits each person. If you’re staying longer, do laundry. I wash them before packing to leave so i don’t come home to dirty laundry!
  2. Hit the library before you go. We pile the backseat with books, more than they could possibly read. I think on the Atlanta trip we had 26. It was a wonderful, quiet ride…well up to about hour 5 anyway…
  3. If you’re still sporting a diaper bag, clean it out and repack it so it’s neat and full.
  4. If you’re on a shoestring budget like I was, pack up food from home plus maybe a few cheap snack items and juice boxes, and picnic at rest stops instead of eating out. This also keeps your travel time lean.

The key here is neatness. Pack your trunk Tetris-style so it is tidy and accessible. Keep the interior of the car as clean as possible. Keep everyone calm and orderly when getting out of the car. If mine jump out acting all crazy, we simply stand there and don’t go anywhere until they get it together. With a well-prepped suitcase and a cool destination, you can bring back the road trip, even better than it was without kiddos. Have Fun!!


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