A Story of a Son and His “American Dream” Mom

— Short Story

  1. My personality is shy and can focus on things for a long thime. And, I am good at logic and coding.
  2. I did some research and find out I don’t need to pay the tuition before I got hired. I don’t have money and don’t want count on my parents. And I think boot camp can have a better resource for me to find a job.

— Long Story

Five years ago, with curiosity, a boy came to American to go to College. He had no idea why he went there except his mom told him to. He was smart, but he was shy. He went to a community college because his English was bad. After the ESL program, he was admited in to this 2-year college. In his first Math class, he got 3 full scores on exams in a roll, which suprised the professor. But, he did not get a great GPA because he was struggling in his English and History class. His English Professor told him he should be more open and aggresive. He hated his personality VERY MUCH.

His mom came. As the mom in a one-parent family, She gave up her high salary job in China and came to U.S. She loved her son better than anyone else. She did not speak English. But she had confidence and temperament. She find a professor as husband, who speaks only English.

He picked Computer Science as his major. He though this major need not to talk a lot. He read some programming language books on his own. He knew he could beat anyone in his CS class in this college. He was admitted by a top-40-ranked univercity in U.S. He did not make friends and talk much. But, he was smart and hard-working. He did every course project on his own. He thought he could only count on himself.

Mom’s dream came true — she got citizenship. But, son had tough time. He was graduated, but he could hardly find a job. He was smart but was really bad at interviews. He passed most technical interviews but failed all behavior interviews. He was so confused. His mom spent so much mony for him to go to college. His high school classmate became a project manager. But he could not even find a job! He thought about to go back to China. That might be the best choice. But, he could not leave his mom alone!

He remembered the English name he picked for himself, Forrest, a name stands for never giving up. So, he decided to try harder. Probably he will get hired some day.

He did some research on anything related to software engineering. He found this boot camp. He thought, probably he could have a try. The boot camp would have a lot of resources he needed to find a job.

This is the end of the story, but story continues.

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