Expect The Unexpected

There are some things in life we are never completely prepared for; a fender bender on the way to the office, a dead battery in your driveway, frozen pipes or maybe an injury trying to re-live the good ole days. In all of these ‘life’ scenarios, we count on others to be fully prepared to assist us when trouble arises. We expect that the insurance companies we choose will be ready exactly when we call! After all, isn’t this why we pay them? We all see the commercials of the insurance agent popping into thin air and showing up by the client’s side in an emergency.

When filing any kind of insurance claim, we are probably not in the best frame of mind. Let’s face it, we pay for insurance HOPING we never have to use it! When the time comes that we do, we want it to be a good, fast and painless experience. Remember, you only get one shot at a first impression. If the customer experience isn’t great, companies will not only lose that one customer but they run the risk the customer will tell all of their friends, their friend’s friends (and so on) and anybody who will listen on social media!

To assure the best possible customer experience in emergency or adrenaline-filled scenarios, it is imperative to give your employees all of the tools they need to be calm, cool and collected — and more importantly, helpful! They need quick access to the right information. Today, you have better technology than ever before to provide and great experience. It is no longer enough to think, “what we have has been working and its not broken so why look at other technology”. You owe it it your company to continually investigate better ways to improve performance, efficiency and exceed expectations.

Let me ask you; have you left a company after a bad first experience?

What would you change about the interactions you’ve had with your insurance company? What were the things that they did (or didn’t do) that pushed you over the edge?

Here is a link to an interesting article I came across as well as a link to a solution to eliminate the struggles you may be having with providing a less than perfect customer experience.

Better Customer Experience Correlates With Higher Revenue Growth In Most Industries by @hmanning

Enable Agent CX Excellence via Panviva Inc.

Steve (sxp01)