We humans, are so eager to look for things that define us. We gaze on stars, we read palms, we throw dices, we pick tarots — all for the sake of self-discovery. We tend to ignore that in those actions, most of the presumptions are unintelligibly made. They are inauthentic, they are fraud but most of all, they are made to be self-satisfactory.

I am one of those people. I seek self-discovery in the most likely of places. I choose the obvious; I gazed on stars, I got my palms read, I threw dices, I picked tarots — but, I found nothing. Stars and tarots could only tell me so much. They have endlessly told me the things that I want to hear but, never the things I need to hear.

So, in such a wake-up call, I withdrew. I pulled myself away from discovering myself through things. Now, I am here. Discovering myself through people instead. I still haven’t found myself but I will keep on looking because in people, I saw more flickers of hope than in things.