What is being sick to you? Is it when you realise that you had to see a doctor? Is it when you fall and bled your knees? Or, is it when you allegorically lie to yourself that you don’t need a doctor for such purpose?

What you think about being sick, is up to you entirely. For me, being sick is when you don’t know how to tell that you ARE sick, which makes my third guess up there, my own answer to my own question. Allegorical.

As far as I can tell, THAT is the worst illness a man can be afflicted by. Denial. I often deny a bit or two about whether I am feeling well or otherwise at times. I use denial as an escape window, and I use it quite conveniently, too conveniently sometimes.

For me, denial is my medicine to my own sickness. Wait, am I saying that my sickness can cure its own existence.

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