UC Browser is the best choice for Android.

UC Browser for Android is designed specially for mobile devices and Android Tablet with the aim of providing the best experiences of loading websites for users by zipping datas effectively. This is a browser which is known as most common browser in the world and the huge choice of many people, reached an impressive number about the quantity of users, over 400 million ones around the world.

Over 400 people have experienced UC Browser

When surfing the internet, you would add or remove different features easily as you wish. Personalize the speed of loading websites. Surf it Fast would be supported with numerous unique designed stickers, you would read them even in offline mode. The process of download still works effectively in automatic way even when you sign out the browser. When entering some pages Pre-load that would be shorter to save your time and go to next page quicker.

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Most smart features of UC Browser

  • Download with high speed and stably, manage files strongly.
  • Block advertisements: Loading websites without worry about advertisements.
  • Save images: Save your favorite images by touch anh hold on them.
  • Speedy Reading mode: RSS Reader — reading quickly that helps you to update informations from common newspapers.
  • Accelerating download: Improve the state of internet connection to accelerate the download speed.
  • Security: Turn on the loading security mode, blend the your access histories and delete others datas as on Chrome and Firefox.
  • Download pictures from Facebook: you could download pictures you love from Facebook to your phone easily.

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