Closeness to death. A driving force in life.

About 5 years ago I had a near death encounter. It happened in a medical facility here in Singapore. I needed an injection for a medical problem. The nurse asked me if I was afraid of needles. I told her that I was a medic in the SAF and I’m used to injections and IVs. After the injection I smiled and thanked the nurse. I stood up and took a few steps towards the door.

Upon touching the door knob, I collapsed. I felt very weak and suddenly my eyes shut. My mind went on a replay of my life from the time I was born till that very day. I teared in that helpless state. I saw what I had done, the good and the bad.

In the background I could hear the medical staff rushing around for the emergency trolley. They weren’t prepared for an emergency because they do not deal with acute medical cases in the place I was in.

I thought I was going to leave this world.

Soon, I opened my eyes, I was lying down on a bed and there was a bright light. Luckily (or not), it was the ceiling light. A doctor and a few nurses were beside me. They said that I had an unknown drug allergy and if it were to happen to an older patient, it may have caused death. They gave me some medications and discharged me.

I walked out perplexed, trying to make sense of what happened. I stopped outside the building and reflected on what happened.

Life is short. Extremely short. God gave me a second chance to be a meaningful person to the society. It gave me strength to surmount many challenges in life. It made me strive to create and add value to people’s lives. When you’re leaving this world, many things stop to matter anymore. You know for yourself what truly matters. Focus on such things today. Today is a blessing which many had been denied.

If you’re spending your precious time doing something that makes you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, you have every right to walk away to do things which will make you feel more fulfilled.

Life is a crossroad of choices. You always have a choice. The question is, ‘will you make a wise decision and will you make the best out of the decisions you’ve made?’

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