Gone are the days when I used to feel sorry about myself..

Gone are the days when I used to feel sorry about myself. The thing about the past, it hasn’t always been so smooth sailing; It was rather bitter.

However, it wasn’t all bad either. We’ve all went through tough times, but tough times don’t really last do they? So, for all the sadness, the anger, the resentment and the uncertainties that was left without any closure and had never had all the answers to, we must let go.

Things don’t happen for a reason. In fact, things don’t have to happen all the time. Why worry when God is the best of planners? He will only let it happen when He knows we are ready for it.

But how do we know? Life at anytime will decide to take its own course, when you find yourself crying the hardest and when you feel the most pain in your heart. Only when you realise you are being tested.

To us, blessings only come in the form of happiness. When we are happy, we are blessed. But we forget, the trials in life are blessings in disguise too. When we cry our hearts out and we feel like we’ve been ripped apart, God is actually putting us back together.

But why would He test us when we’re at our most vulnerable? Only because He knows that we are ready. We’re just blinded by the power our emotions have upon us that makes us weak. But that does not mean that we remain weak. God wants us to put up with the pain because He knows we can and we will, eventually.

So stop holding onto signs that never call. Trust yourself enough to give yourself credit to the things that wasn’t meant for you, the things that were taken away from you and the things that have never came to you. You will get exactly what you deserve when He has prepared you for it.

Crawl if you need to, because after you’ve learnt how to walk, it’s easier to run and then to fly. And when something hits you hard and you fall, you won’t have to worry about flying because eventually you’ll start to crawl again.