Who is a #5StarActivist ?

Compilation of #5StarActivist definitions.

* Will agitate against Building dams and then sit on Dharna demanding electricity.
* Shouts women empowerment everyday, but calls polygamy, burqa and child marriage as secular.
* Laugh & Poke at Men Who Live & Die for Our Nation.
* Sits on a Hunger strike and drink “WATER” in a steel glass!
* Wants to save fish but okay in getting cows killed.
* Bharatiya-on-the-outside but videshi-on-the-inside.
* Hails herculean effort in shooting a video for a magazine as part of Women Empowerment.Get paid also.
* Runs an NGO but never file NGO’s tax returns.
* You need have Bindi, kurta, jhola, convent education, English speaking and anti development. (PS Brain not required).
* Always condemns capitalism but is happy to accept funding from the same corporate masters.
* Live in air condition homes pretend to be pro poor, pro farmers & then stop crucial reforms required for empowerment of the poor.
* Make all d money possible then stall imp developmental projects to stop the country from growing.
* Tsunami rehab during day times & stayed in Taj Chennai in nights.
* Ask for sexual liberation of women and then advice pressing “Rape” charges on boyfriend if he dsn’t marry.
* Make illiterate women in her dharna hold placard of “child labour” while protesting for “rape”.
* Communist kids of kolkata are studying in ivory league schools in USA but want poschin bongo to go down the drain.
* Opposes increase of Dam height but wants vegetables at Rs 10/Kg.
* Protests against Dam — But drinks Bisleri water.
* Oppose Setting up of Power Plant — But cannot live without A/C.
* Support Peta & then eats Chicken Kabab.
* A socialist / communist who enjoys all the benefits of capitalism.
* Proves you in 1984 no riots happened in Delhi.
* Obligated towards the foreign powers to drag pace of development in India.
* In their free time talk about women empowerment, but when a rapist gets death sentence they call for nationwide agitation.
* Oppose farm land acquisition for public benefit but support selling of farm lands to Real Estate Mafia.
* Lives in a large house,has no regular job,doesn’t earn a honest living,gets paid by foreign Agents to destabilise country.
* Do weeknight show on Child Labour in India Then says “Chotu Ek Aur Aloo Paratha Leke Aao”.
* Whose bail petition os heard within 5 mins.. while others die for life long..
* Fear #ISIS and don’t utter any word against them.
* Lives with multiple live-in partners, comes on news channels to preach on family values and parenting.
* Discusses farmers’ starvation deaths over Italian chicken pasta at a 5-star hotel. Exotic!
* Defend rabid dogs on the street but promote cow slaughter that produce milk.
* Loves separatists, hates patriots.

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