Learning to take it slow.

Sometimes I regret my choice of choosing to attend one of the best business schools in the States. The level of competition, the fight to be the best, the “Oh where are you interning next summer?”’sand the never-ending talk about job interviews and offers are just too much for me to take.

Sure, it’s good to have healthy competition around. It’d push you to do better, do work harder and to try your best in what you do. I loved competition. It used to give me the push I needed to actually put in effort in what I do. It used to light a fire in me and kept my spirit high.

But there comes a day when somehow, all the competition is just… too much for one to bear. And you find yourself thinking, “What am I doing here?”

This is just a reminder, both to myself and to others.

It is okay to take things slow.

It is okay to not be as ambitious as others.

It is okay if you’re taking small steps while others are taking huge leaps.

Success is not defined by who gets there first, or who secures the first job interview, or who gets the job offer from the best company in the world.

Success is all about you. It’s about you achieving your goals. It’s about you reaching out for your dreams. It’s about you doing what you love. It’s about you, and not other people.

Compare all you want with the other people around you, but keep in mind that every single person is on a different path of life, and that everyone has their own timeline. Everyone has their own pace in life, and that even though you may take a little longer to achieve what your friends achieved (be it financially, career-wise, academically, socially, etc), you will get there one day.

So, stop. Take a deep breath. Slow down and take things at your own pace. Enjoy life while you can.

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