Why we shouldn’t always separate the personal from the professional

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Have you ever felt the need to separate your self from your professional image? That it detracts from the staunch professionalism that you wish to impress upon others?

If you answered yes to the above, you are certainly not alone. Many people feel the need to distinctly separate their sense of self and personal traits from professional work to elicit the most optimal work performance possible. This includes maintaining a sense of strict discipline, formalities as well as enforcing corporate ideas over personal thought within the confines of work. …

How the lockdown has made me understand myself better

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Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, there have been extensive lockdown or quarantine measures around the globe to curb the spread of the disease. This has led to many people being confined inside their homes for the past few months, with the odd trip outdoors for essential services. The extroverts appear to have gotten the metaphorical short end of the stick in this situation, as the lack of social interaction erodes at their very being. …

Why it is so hard to be ourselves in today’s world

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With the rapid proliferation of social media, everyone is becoming increasingly interconnected. Global communities are coming together and are closer than ever, virtually, as they share pictures, ideas, and more across the Internet.

Recently on Instagram, while mindlessly scrolling through posts and stories, I came across something a little different. It was a picture of someone who was (very obviously) showing off what appeared to be a branded bag. Flashy, but nothing too out of the ordinary until you view the comments below it.


We live relatively comfortable lives, all seems good, but is it?

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Disclaimer: This piece is taken from a Singaporean context but can apply to similar circumstances in other developed countries.

Coming from a mixed parentage with strong Indonesian roots, what I can tell you for starters is that life in Singapore is great. Our basic needs are met and the general structure of the nation, though not faultless, has allowed for a relatively comfortable peaceful multicultural state of living for most Singaporeans. Clean water, for example, is a basic need that is well satisfied here and can be found by…

Using our minds to our advantage to shape the realities that we desire

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In the ongoing pursuit of learning beyond the classroom, I decided to enroll in a Coursera course on ‘Social Psychology’ from Wesleyan University. It was a choice driven by my inner desire to better understand the underlying social complexities in the way we interact with ourselves and with others. About a week’s worth of lessons in and I can say that I’ve learned something interesting that I think would greatly benefit myself and those around me. Before that, I wish to deposit a question below.

In loving memory of the lesson that never left

A super young me and my dad, at our old home!

The 6th of June used to be a day that left me weak and empty, the day that a great sadness befell me and my family eight years ago. It is the date of my beloved late dad’s passing and at times, still leaves an impressionable scar within me. This year, however, I am determined to change that and this post will be the catalyst to move forward. I shall harp not on the loss, but the positives he left behind for us to cherish and pass on. …

Let’s talk about racism

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Disclaimer: These views are from my thoughts and reflections with others.

With the recent events surrounding the tragedy that is George Floyd’s death at the hands of police officers in the United States, racism has taken the spotlight in such a tumultuous time. Protests surrounding the issue have occurred globally, bringing to the light the marginalization of people brought upon by racial differences. Looking through all that has been done and said, it is inspiring to see the actions that people have taken to bring greater awareness to the issue and to combat it for a…

The importance of taking time off to come back stronger

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I was on a student exchange program last semester in Sweden when I was introduced to the concept of a ‘Fika’. Fika is the traditional tea or coffee break present there that was a part of the Swedish culture. It was an interesting switch, coming from the (overly) industrious Singaporean climate to finally take a step back and breathe. Such a break was a wonderful breather from the typically (subjectively) stressful living in Singapore. …

And Why It’s Important For Both Sides

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Me, The Sensitive Individual

The definition of sensitive is provided below, according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

Sensitive: easily influenced, changed, or damaged, especially by physical activity or effect

“Being highly sensitive is both a gift and a responsibility.”
~ Jenna Avery, HSP Life Coach

I’ve always been a sensitive individual, reacting strongly (emotionally mostly) to the events around me. This sensitivity has been a boon and a bane in different ways. It has allowed me to better understand the underlying implications or emotions of the people around me but has also heightened the effect that external events…

The choice is yours!

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The Dawn Of A New Age

With the greater onset of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year, situations all over the globe began to change. Countries closed their borders, businesses had to adopt work from home procedures and life took a radical change from the norm we were all used to. As the circumstances slowly improve, the repercussions continue to run deep. Talks over the ‘new normal’ discuss the key differences that will be found in a post-COVID-19 world.

These changes will affect the fundamentals of how we live our lives. Developments in work planning, economic benefit packages for those disrupted…

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