Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Whoaa there!! It’s been awhile since I wrote about my experience in arts. Here I go again, writing a post and I hope you enjoy it !

Exhibiting gallery

That’s me besides one of the artpiece of my chosen gallery
Btw, my chosen gallery is…

According to my research, archivo 1984 comes from the spanish word “archivo” (pronounced as arkivo), which means archive. The 1984 comes from the year when the director of the gallery started to collects movie memorabilia.

Yes, movie memorabilia

Archivo 1984 just started to have its first gallery on 2012 at a small rustic place in Palma St., Rockwell, Makati. There first pieces are based on the past movies and collections of directors that is shown to the public at their own will. Their galleries can be seen in the present; one in Chino Roces Ave., Makati and the other is in the little theater lobby of CCP.

Moving on…

That’s me again. I enter the place and it is quiet small but full of paintings and other arts with different medium. Then, I asked the exhibitor these questions…

Good day Ma’am, can I ask something about this gallery. How many artworks do you have here now?
She answered around 40.
What are the materials or medium used to form this artpiece ?
She answered, hmm iba iba e. It’s a collection of mixed medium like we have
oil on canvass
Nora Aunor (top left), Darth Vader (top right), Johnny Depp (bottom left), and Former Pres. Corazon Aquino (bottom right)
Pencil or graphite with mixture of some yellow stains:
Young Michael Jackson
A face made of paper:
More mixed papers:
And many more.
Then I ask, who are the artists behind these artworks ?

And she answered,

different artists.
We have art from directors, some of them are their collections, the others are made by Ciara Sevilla Eadie (Archivo 1984's director. An artist and a businesswoman) and the like.

This is she. (Source: internet)

Ciara Sevilla Eadie (businessman/artists)

Other artpiece falls under painting but the difference is it has a message. A message that somehow made me stand still .

With that, aside from it is a collection of movie memorabilia and artists from the past (local or international), the collective message is that they want to express in behalf of those people who are bipolar and those who experience dyslexia. They put messages to make the viewers feel and hear what they want to said that our small ears doesn’t listen and understand. It mostly shows an expression, not an impression.

Other pictures

Special exhibitions

Mark Justiniani’s Skyline
Made from LED’s reflective media objects

As I walk throughout the fair, I found this part where many people are coming in and out, so I became curious and to cut the long story short, I enter the exhibit. (no choice).

As I enter, there are only 4 things that I saw in that room. the one in the floor that looks like a pile of papers, key holders and just a wood, the second one is a railway of a train, the other one is like an office building, and at the back of it is the last one that looks a like church. And that experience was so amazing. It is very phenomenal in a sense that it was my first time to see an art like that and something that I can boast to others.

The feeling is very good and somehow strange because if you look at it, especially the one in the floor, it really seems that you are going to fall if you go over. The idea to use lights and reflections are very amazing because it makes people imagine a trail that no one knows what is down there and where will you go when you fall on it.

It’s not a learning experience or a confusing one, but the bottomline is that everyone will experience astonishment in the room of darkness because even though it’s dark, the 4 corners are full of surprise and innovation.

Mark Salvatus’ “Structural Downpour”
A white wall made by people using a coin that is imprints on a small paper
That’s my coin :)

This wall is big and it is very accessible to everyone. People in the art fair can do this simple act and you will already be part of an art.

This act is very familiar. I remember when I was in my elementary days, when my teacher is boring and the subject is not interesting, I used to put out a pencil and a coin and imprints it in my paper. The artist used this idea to engage people in doing this thing and thumb it in a wall to make a connection like forming a constellation. The paper and pencil is there (also the sharpener) and all you just need to do is to shade the paper and put in the wall. And you’re already part of it.

Structural Downpour by Mark Salvatus

Well, the experience is very good and relieves my stress for some time. The place was very crowded and we are walking for already an hour, and thanks God I found this special exhibition. I pause for a while and just do shading on a piece of paper. Rest for some time and just look on my work and see the beauty of my contribution to the holistic creation of this artform.

Overall Experience

other images in the Art Fair Philippines 2016

Overall, it was a very exciting and glamorous experience. I’m not fond of going to an art fair for a cause or for myself, it’s always for a reason. But all of these things change after that Art Fair. Ikaw ba naman makakita ng mga magagandang imahe, hindi ka matutuwa? Even though the carpark was filled with people and it became so hot, still you will see them smiling as their take pictures on it. Photographers also try their best because it is a luck to shot a right angle due to the emerging people who also want to take pictures of an individual work.

The best thing about that art fair is that you will see various of artforms and it will amaze you on their talents. Huge paintings, small sculptures, big LED, tiny pencils, etc. All of this are what they called part of art. They have shown people what you can do in a small thing and you can innovate to most of what you just see in our everyday lives. Apart from that, This artfair shows an important role of expression in your ownself. Some art are made to protest, to show, for living, etc., but over all these things are their own expression. Even in a simple dot you can express. Even in a small paper you can show what you want to say. That’s why my vocabulary about art widens as I experience this things. This is an experience that not just only me will look forward in participating in this wonderful event, but all people who attended that event and bags an unforgettable experience.

signing off…

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