While looking in front of a mirror, bewildered and confused, I saw a familiar silhouette and find myself ask, “Who is this person I’m staring at?”. She looks familiar. She is quite and blunt. She is not saying anything at all but it feels weird to me that just by focusing on her from my hindsight, I can hear her voice.

All of a sudden, I saw myself with her in an empty, dark room. We were standing face to face with mouth closed; eyes locked with each other and tension was starting to fill the air. I can hear my heartbeat, so as hers. I can hear how shallow our breathing was. How could it be? Everything is vivid. Everything is crystal clear. I tried to say a word but I can’t. I wanted to ask her questions but my body won’t allow me to do such thing.

I studied her warily for a minute…

She has a sleek, black hair. Fair skinned lady with black and expressive eyes. But, something I noticed for a while is that I saw and felt that she is longing for something. Is she lost? Is she hurt? Is there something I could do for her?

A sudden heavy feeling inside me arose. It was intense and quick. It happened so fast, I can’t breathe. I was pacing every air that I get into my lungs. I was sweating. I was nauseated and wanted to rest myself somewhere but I can’t even move because every muscle in my body was stiff. I closed my eyes and calmed myself out.

There was silence.

Still eyes closed, I realized that it was the familiar silhouette trying to communicate with me. She was struggling and broken inside. She’s broken into pieces but nobody knows. How could she manage to do it alone? Where do her strength came from? Amazing how she handled such dire situation. She almost lost herself!

I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at me. How could this beautiful soul appear so fine even when she’s not. I reached out to her to console her but that’s when I realized, tears were accumulating my eyes because…

The lady in the mirror is.. “ME”.