Why I Haven’t Left My First Job

First jobs are never supposed to last. Especially when you get that job your senior year of high school after reading about it on a bulletin board. Not kidding, I genuinely thought I would be working at a flower shop until I came to the building for my interview.

As it turned out, The Gardens, is not in fact a flower shop, but a nursing home and rehabilitation center. The flier I saw was for a receptionist position and required no work experience so I was golden. I don’t know what sold me, but when I walked in for my interview (which was more of an orientation because they were so desperate that I was hired on the spot) the song “I’ll Be Missing You” was playing and it just felt right. Now, three years later I am still here. Although I have gone off to college and every summer I swear next year I will have a real job or an internship, I always come back. Thus, here I am, typing this in my little glass box office at The Gardens.

To me and the people that work here, this is a real job. I have to dress business professional, although my definition of that has grown more flexible with each year I come back. I went from dress slacks to black leggings while still retaining some amount of respect. I deal with working professionals every day and I am given responsibilities that the functionality of this facility depends on. This job is pretty legit.

I consider myself exceedingly blessed to have found a job like this. One that I love despite all the headaches and frustration is causes me at times. For every mistake I make that causes me to feel inadequate or disappointed, there is a nice comment from a family member of a resident who tells me that I have “the smile of someone with a good heart” or that I am “a nice person and very pretty.” It may not seem like much but it makes me feel appreciated and that although I may mess up on some paperwork, I am killing the game at brightening these people’s day and making a somber environment a little happier.

This job is what opened my future to new possibilities. It helped me to realize I love working with people, especially the elderly. Although my exact career goals have changed, (pre-PT classes just weren’t for me) my same path towards the medical field and the opportunity to work with people is still my goal.

Since starting at The Gardens, I have had other jobs both at school and at home. Although I receive nice comments and feel appreciated for what I do there, as well, the same passion and love for what I do just is not there. I love working and having responsibilities and purpose so I would feel fulfilled at any job. But working at The Gardens continuously opens my eyes to new things I love about this profession and I am filled with respect and admiration for the people that I work with. I am excited for my future because of this job and I will continue coming back to remind me why I am at school and why I should work hard. My goals are attainable and I cannot wait to enter into this world that I love so much.

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