Stop calling it an industry


More and more I’m reading people calling a certain thing an “industry”. In the past 24 hours I’ve seen people tweet:

“I love this industry”


“Starting to think this industry is more to do with popularity than talent”

The big thing to remember is what you are classifying as an industry is not an industry. It is a scene. It may well be a subsection of a specific industry, but most of the time it’s not even that, it probably spans various industries.

Now, more often that not, what people are referring to as an “industry” is either a section of twitter users, or a section of event goers (speakers and attendees).

“define industry”

economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.


hard work.

So… the next time you use the word “industry” is it talking about someone processing raw materials or manufacturing goods, or is it about people putting in a lot of hard work?

My favourite thing is what some people define as the “industry” is a group of people who’ve never really experience hard work, I’m certainly one of them… I sit at my laptop all day… IT’S SUCH HARD WORK.

“What’s their business model?”

This is a question asked of many companies, and it’s the same for people, especially self employed people. So from someone’s business model you can often ascertain what industry they are in. If you make all your money from events, then I think it’s fair to say that you are in the event industry.

  • The event industry is run to make money from people attending events.
  • People pay money to attend events.
  • People make money from others attending events

Now, before you misinterpret my words. NOT everyone that runs events make money, I know lots of people that have ended up heavily out of pocket. NOT every one that speaks at events make money a lot of people do it because they want to give back to the “community”.

The “Web” Industry

This is another term I can’t stand, I mean, what does it really mean? You make money somehow thanks to the web? Congrats, and welcome to the 21st Century. There are many people out there that make money from the web and couldn’t care less what the “influencers” say, think or do.


Oh I’m sorry, do you disagree with me?

I’m sure you do, that’s the beauty of human beings, we have different opinions, experiences and feelings. Maybe I am wrong, maybe you are, but thankfully we will both live together on this god foresaken planet along with the rest of the Bieber lovers. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me, I respect your opinion and beliefs, just like I hope you respect mine.

Of course if you disagree with me, you are probably going to bring my employer into the discussion, go ahead, just email my employer I’m sure the rest of the gang would love to hear your comments or come tell me on twitter. I’m all ears… I probably won’t reply, as it seems twitter is no longer the place for a discussion, but if we ever meet in person, then let’s chat about it, and maybe you will convince me I am wrong.

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