FRC round up #19: Battersea Park 5k, Parkland Relays, Mozart Ultra, Monza Resegone, Lazarote Wine Run, Osterley and Richmond 10ks, Hampshire Hoppit and Redbull Steeplechase

Try saying all that in one go without breathing!

This weekend has seen some of the hottest temperatures of the year so far, but despite 30 degree heat the racing continued with nine events that I’ve clocked as well as parkrun.

Speedy Steeds 5K 12th June 2017

Kicking us off on Monday there were 3 FRC bandits representing at the Sri Chinmoy Speedy Steeds 5K in Battersea Park. Races are scheduled most Monday evenings through the summer on a flat fast course which is great for a PB.

  • Duncan Lawrence – 16:52
  • Stewart MacAndie – 17:01
  • Judith Clarkson – 26:41

Parkland relays

After an early start to racing on Monday the fun continued on Wednesday evening with the parkland relays in Richmond Park.

Team ‘Old Spice’ (photo: Bob Empson)

Bob reports:

Old Spice team didn’t come last… by a long way!! Yeah!!
Bob Lynam Scary (it’s the shades). John Grigg Sporty (coz he’s always racing everywhere). Andrew Fickling Posh (he is, ever so!). Bob Empson Baby (coz he’s not yet 60!). Well done guys!

All the teams did incredibly well in their rounds and particularly wonderful to see so many ladies turning out — enough for a full four teams!

Mens A Team — Total time = 1:03:13 (7th)

Stuart Farmer: 15:30
Stewart Mcandie: 15:48
Luke Peel: 16:06
Duncan Lawrence: 15:49

Mens B Team — Total time = 1:11:48 (22nd)

Anthime Flaus: 18:02
Jacob Miller: 17:12
Richard Gayton: 18:31
Gregory Bacci: 18:03

Mens Vet Team — Total time = 1:26:13

John Grigg: 23:46
Andrew Fickling: 21:23
Bob Lynam: 21:27
Bob Empson: 19:37

Women’s A Team — Total time = 60:14

Becky Lister: 19:52
Faye Lynam: 20:54
Maddy Marriage: 19:28

Women’s B Team — Total time = 60:43

Stephanie Muzzall: 21:17
Amy Capper: 19:25
Cat Simpson: 20:01

Women’s C Team — Total time = 1:03:55

Amy Tayler: 20:52
Rhianon West: 21:16
Ashlee Lucas: 21:47

Women’s D Team — Total time = 1:15:38

Judith Clarkson: 21:42
Maria Monton: 24:50
Louise Garlick: 29:06

Full results available here:

Mozart Ultra

This weekend Chris Cooper took on his first major ultra distance race with the Mozart Ultra in Austria — a 62k ‘scenic’ route through the mountains near Salzburg. You can read an excellent detailed report from Chris about how it went on his blog here but he did say it was easily the hardest thing he has ever done.

Considering the terrain, the weather and the distance, finishing in only a smidge over 8 and a half hours and in 64th position out of 170 is a cracking achievement in my book and a well deserved result given the hard work put into the training.

  • Chris Cooper — 08 hours 35

Monza Resegone

Emanuela’s report tells it all about this Italian Mountain race. A true tale of grit and determination!

Gruesome and brutal — and as Stewart said — completion was success. This was practically a handicap race, staggered start we were 99 out of 100. We arrived 18. I considered not showing up, I was not in shape and had already piled up a broken hand on course during training. But owed it to Ernesto could not let him and Davide down. The three of us at the start line, the speaker saying ‘there was a roar in the backstage, these three are heading home’… I finished with one good hand and one good leg. 50% is enough.. I did the last 3000ft up as on a lift, Ernesto pulling me up by the only usable hand, Davide behind pushing me up, pivoting on the only usable leg. There is no DNF on a D+1000m rocky side of a brutal mountain at night. This is the mountain where my mum was born after all, I should have known. But there is nothing heroic about scrapping the end of the barrel either, other than knowing one can make it. Highlight of the race, the pleasure of running side by side with Ernesto whose elegance in run goes unparalleled and still wanting my comfort as kick to all this brute course, take my shoes off and run barefoot to enjoy the warmth of the tarmac before the last horrid kms. The mountain is humbling, off we go again.

23k Lanzarote Wine Run

Not one to forget her running shoes on holiday (and proud of her we are!) Emily took first place in her age category, 2nd place overall and Fastest British Woman in the 23km Lanzarote Wine Run, representing the club in style!

By all accounts this is one tough cookie of a race; hot, hilly, and with a lot of it run over sand and volcanic ash. Congratulations to Emily for an amazing result!

Unfortunately no results on the site yet for final times, but safe to say it was a good run :)

Osterley Park 10k

Stuart Farmer declared after running Osterley Park 10k that it was too hot for a good time, but he did still manage to place well despite the weather and the bling made up for it in his view!

Well done also to John Grigg for his excellent marshalling effort — representing the best of our club by giving up his time as well as his sweat and tears.

All the bling for Stuart (photo: Facebook)
  • Stuart Farmer — 35:30

Richmond 10k

Stuart says “I think we can all say completion was today’s achievement #elscorchio ☀️ ”

And not only did the guys complete it but managed 5th men’s team and 4th ladies! Super running all! Watch out for Paul’s update on where that leaves the club in the summer league and keep an eye out for the upcoming races in the series.

  • Stuart MacDougall — 35:28
  • Stewart MacAndie — 35:52
  • Nick Marriage — 36:09
  • Roderick Akihary — 39:36
  • Stephen McLeod — 40:03
  • Alice Riddell-Webster — 40:13
  • Rose Penfold — 40:40
  • Maddy Marriage — 45:18
  • Jonathan Chambers — 46:58
  • John Grigg — 55:21

Hampshire Hoppit

Stephanie and Alex were out in Hampshire running a trail marathon each on the quest for a free beer at the end — as at the end of this one every finisher receives a unique engraved beer glass and a thirst-quenching fill of ‘Hoppit’, a Classic Ale (3.9%AV) from the Loddon Brewery. I wonder if anyone told them that you can actually get one every month from Sambrooks in Battersea for just 7k of running :)

  • Alex Zimmerman — 4:11:37
  • Stephanie Muzzell — 4:19:09

Red Bull Steeplechase

In 2017, the Red Bull Steeplechase returned for its fifth year, using the rugged terrain and coastline of Exmoor National Park as its backdrop. 500 male and female runners tackled the 23-mile route. There were three knockout points at steeples along the way reducing the numbers down until there are just 20 competitors from each category in the final leg.

Speaking at the finish Andy said: “It’s absolutely stunning scenery, it’s one of the most incredible races I’ve ever done. It’s been a fantastic day for it. I’m just exhausted now!” Actually that quote is from winner Andy Greenleaf, but I’m sure our Captain Andy Han would have said the same!

Our Andy made it to Steeple 3 in 02:45:11 and in 32nd place, only 12 positions from making it to the final leg. Cracking result!


Holkham parkrun

A total of 113 runners took part. Thirteen of those were members of the FRC tour to North Norfolk!

FRC on tour in Holkham (photo: Bob Empson)

The ladies were on fire and the first 5 women across the line were all our tourists:

1. Daphne Dadze. Daphne was awarded the cup for FRC 2017 Tour Champion for her achievement.

2. Helen Tyrell (nee Kelsey); sister of Loz, of course! Epsom & Ewell Harriers.

3. Katherine Elmore-Jones

4. Rachel Fitzsimmons (24:23 was her fastest ever parkrun time)

5. Tomoko Kikuchi

There was another tour competition at Holkham for highest age-grading. This resulted in a duel between the Bobs! They declared a draw because the difference of 0.03% (!) was within the margin of error: Bob Empson: 21:30 for 73.33%; Bob Lynam: 23:06 for 73.30%.

Other non-FRC (in addition to Helen) included: Julia James (previously FRC, now Hastings), Rick Burne (ex FRC President, now Hastings), Annabel Hagon (Barnes Runners) and Neil Mulholland (unattached although married to Diane!)

Thanks to Bob for organising and also for the above report :)

Fulham Palace parkrun

A total of 423 runners took part at this week’s paced event. PBs recorded by Richard, Rick and Rosie so well done you guys — not easy on such a hot day!

Big round of applause also for the volunteers from the club as ever — Amer ISMAIL • Amy TAYLER • Eliza GAFFNEY • Jonathan CHAMBERS • Laure SELLE • Stephanie TOLLEMACHE • Thomas DALEY

Bedfont Lakes parkrun

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill

Old Deer Park parkrun

A total of 121 runners took part. Congratulations to Jacob for a new PB on the course as well as a solid second place and to John for a 5th place position on his first outing here.

Oxford parkrun

Penrhyn parkrun

Richmond parkrun

Wimbledon Common parkrun

Wormwood Scrubs parkrun

Looking for what to get up to in the coming weeks? Look no further!

This week:

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1/7 Runnymede Relays
5/7 Final Wimbledon Trail Series 8miles
6/7 FRC Club Run + Post Run Social — Pizza Time
8/7 Two Bridges Pub Crawl
9/7 Second Sunday 5
15/7 Surrey Road League
21/7 Soar Summer Mile
23/7 Surrey Road League
24/7 Battersea Mile Relays
28/7 Wedding Day 7k. Entry is open and will sell out. Friday night racing plus picnic:
Various Regular 5–10k race as part of the London Sri Chinmoy races Battersea Park:

Need some stripes? Speak to Andy and see his Facebook post

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